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Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape
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My name is Annieka, I am the jewellery designer, manufacturer and marketer.

My passion for jewellery design started in 2010, after I started a part-time jewellery design and manufacturing course, while also studying graphic design.

I was hired as a jewellery manufacturer in 2011, where I had the privilege to work with a number of professional jewellers. I had the opportunity to explore different styles of jewellery, from bold and modern to fine and delicate designs.

After setting up my fully-kitted workshop at home, I began to develop and explore my passion for hand-forging jewellery. I grew to love everything about the process.

In 2014, Allure Handmade Jewellery was born.

I found working for myself exciting and motivational. For now I continue to grow and explore my passion through working in Sterling Silver, which allows my jewellery to be affordable.

I simply love doing custom orders and creating something special and unique.


The utmost care is taken during the manufacturing process to ensure quality is maintained. Only high quality materials are used.

Production Time:

Five to nine working days. I ask you to understand the complexity of manufacturing jewellery by hand, it does take time.


Silver will naturally tarnish over time, and can easily be cleaned using a soft cloth or brush, warm water, and a bit of soapy liquid.

Ordering and Sizes:

The Silver pendant chains are available in the following length:

  • 42cm
  • 45cm
  • 50cm

The bangles and bracelets are available in the following sizes:


  • Small - 61mm diameter
  • Medium - 63mm diameter
  • Large - 65mm diameter


  • Small - 16cm in length
  • Medium - 17cm in length
  • Large - 18cm in length

Please specify your size when placing your order.

Please Note: If I am given the wrong ring or bracelet size, I cannot be held accountable.


Annieka Marais
Jewellery Designer
079 491 0190