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Amanda Lee Bosch passionately believes that we all deserve to invest in ourselves, to discover our own unique sense of style and to become our best selves. We just need the tools to unlocking this ability.

An advertising and psychology graduate, Amanda understands the importance of looking and feeling good. Although based in Port Elizabeth, Amanda works across the country as an Image Consultant and Stylist. She has trained with Former Miss South Africa Megan Coleman and her mother, Fay, on their nationally acclaimed styling programme ‘Image Insured.’

Her sophisticated yet relaxed approach makes the experience of discovering and enhancing ‘the best of you’ all the more enjoyable and Amanda offers a unique image consulting service through which her clients are encouraged to build their own style identity using the knowledge gained about the use of colour and understanding of their body shape. Her own natural understated elegance instills confidence in her abilities and her seemingly effortless manner enlightens and enables people to achieve both immediate and long-term results. Ever wondered why you never “feel” like wearing that particular top again? Why you love certain colours but can’t understand why they make you “look” so tired? Stop wondering and let Amanda show you why.

Everyone has the ability to be their best self, to project their best image, and to present themselves in the most desirable personal and professional image.


How can you benefit?

The most stylish people have a strong sense of self and never waste time or money on wrong choices. By knowing your true self and understanding how to dress you will be empowered to make the right purchase choices - the right style, cut, and colour for you. You will save money by avoiding those “mistake” buys that are all wrong for you. By buying right, you will ultimately create a functional wardrobe with more to wear and enjoy choosing your daily outfits.

A chance to become the best version of yourself by enhancing your natural beauty and choosing the most flattering looks that support your newly discovered style. You will feel more confident in your choices, creating a polished and well turned out look first time, every time.

Colour Me Beautiful

Generally we all gravitate towards colours because we like them or because they are ‘slimming’. Colour is an essential ingredient that enhances our natural beauty, colour is light and has an amazing potential to radiate our natural beauty and best features. By wearing the right colours you will enhance and lift your skin tone and draw attention to your face, giving you a vibrant and healthy looking complexion.

During this 1½ hour colour analysis consultation Amanda will access your suitable colours with the use of our Image Insured colour palette. She determines your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour to discover whether you have warm or cool undertones. This in turn is used to determine both the colours that will complement your skin tone and the intensity of colour you can handle before finally determining your recommended ‘colours’. You are then given colour recommendations on makeup, hair, sunglasses and accessories, ending the consultation with a professional makeup application in the correct colours and according to your face shape. You will receive a Client Card with your full colour analysis recommendations and a ‘Shopping Swatch’ to make shopping for the right colours easy and fun!

Gentleman's Colour Analysis and Style

In the words of Mark Twain, "Clothes maketh the man."

Dressing with colour is not for women only. Colour is often the only “cosmetic” men utilize on a daily basis. They don’t add makeup and accessories that women use all the time. Therefore it is crucial for men to get their colours right when choosing their wardrobe.

Learn about wardrobe essentials, style basics and the clothing choices that are right for you. Amanda says that, knowing your colours will "change your world. People will notice something different and compliment you on how well rested or good you look. I’ve seen it happen all the time to men who’ve been analyzed and have consistently worn only their best colours.”

This is an hour and a half analysis that includes professional wardrobe styling advice.

Body Basics

Dressing for your figure type is all about the art of disguise. Learn about your body shape, how to accentuate your good points and hide the bad. From tops, jackets, jewellery, handbags to pants, you will be taught how to wear these items and eliminate the drab and drudgery of ‘what to wear’. Now you will be empowered and excited as you open your wardrobe and start your day. A quick, fun questionnaire will reveal your clothing personality which allows you to enhance who you really are. In this consult we will also discuss the correct way to accessorise as this is the final touch to make sure you look perfectly groomed. This hour and a half consult includes a full Body Analysis booklet with all the personal advice you will ever need to look great. “A person’s body shape actually never changes, says Amanda. I work with the shoulder to hip ratio, the curves and lines of the body to educate my clients on how to draw the eye to the right details, so they always look exceptionally turned out.” Wardrobe Cleanse

People only wear 20% of their wardrobe! In this consultation we aim to maximise the use of your clothes by styling existing pieces and sorting out the right and wrong colours and styles for you, right down to the shoes, bags and jewellery, leaving you with the things that look good on you and enhance who you are.

Shopping Spree

You choose the budget and Amanda guides you to choose the right colour, and style for your shape and clothing personality. Amanda will join you to work your style budget at retail outlets that range from Mr Price to specialist boutiques, Woolworths and Country Road.

“I love taking my clients to Woolworths for their variety and label brands such as Country Road, the styles are always available in the various size curves and their accessories are diverse, on trend, and of good quality.” It’s a great way to put into practice all the tools and new concepts you have acquired during your image consult.

“My speciality is styling, so this is the perfect platform to get the most out of a capsule wardrobe that will work for you for years to come.” says Amanda.

Beautiful Bride

Indulge in a bit of fun when you book a pre-wedding style session , empowering you to look your gorgeous best on your special day.

Discover colour combinations that will complement you and your bridal party and learn what bridal gown style will suit you best. Amanda will give recommendations on your gown, veil, hair, flowers, jewellery and accessories as well as advise you on wardrobe essentials for your honeymoon.

“Amanda provides a truly personal and magical experience which I so enjoyed at a special time," says Carol Freeman, a former client of Amanda's.


Amanda Lee Bosch
Stylist / Image Consultant