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47 Paradise Road, Sinakho
Simon's Town, Western Cape
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In 2016 Out of Africa launched a range of pool covers and drain pipe extension products under the brand name into the South African Market.

90% of our marketing and sales for these products are done through electronic media. As our volumes and geographic range extended it became apparent that we needed a trading platform or an online shop to further our services and offerings to the market.

This was the birth of the Out of Africa Trading concept. An online market where South African companies, from start-ups to well established operations can bring their products and services directly to you at the best possible prices, directly to your doorstep.

Out of Africa Trading started almost by sheer coincidence. There was great demand for pool covers in Cape Town at the end of 2016 and the existing Pool Cover manufacturers could not keep up with demand. We manufacture flexible plastics in our other lives and on a business trip that involved a 700-km drive, we came up with a pool blanket, which we could manufacture ourselves, was easy to use and didn’t break the bank. 


As Aquaflex grew we added new product lines. All have been well received by the market.

  • SOLAR BUBBLE – Floating pool covers in both 400 mic and 500 mic materials.
  • AQUAPIPE – Drain Pipe extenders.
  • AQUAPIPE-MINI – Grey water flexible piping
  • AQUA-buddy – Personal 5 liter water bag

Our goal is to become a company supplying and comprehensive range of sustainable water saving and harvesting products to the market.