Beadazzling Beads

Shop 1 Vrieskas, 13 Jacaranda Street
Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape
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by Lizanne G.
(25 Aug 16 @ 3:09 pm)

What a great little shop. Always lovely to go there. Will recommend them any day. They have a wide variety of beads and are always willing to assist and help wherever they can.

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by Annieka P.
(8 Aug 16 @ 2:16 pm)

I love beading. Their shop is inspiring and I make sue I visit there often. The staff are always willing to help with advice on the best beads to buy. I highly recommend Beadazzling Beads.

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by Think Local
(6 Jul 16 @ 3:28 pm)

Founded on solid principles and a good business ethics, we at Think Local have nothing but good to speak of this company. They provide a valuable service to this community and are highly regarded by all.

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Beadazzling Beads is established and privately owned by Suzanne who started this shop for all the arts and crafts lovers.

For even those who do not believe themselves to be creative, this is a place where you can play with ideas and find inspiration.

Here you will find an endless variety of beautiful beads in all shapes and sizes! Even the greatest of jewelry enthusiasts may just become overwhelmed among all the different colours, shapes and types of beads available at Beadazzling Beads.

At Beadazzling, you will find all the essentials so you can create your own gorgeous jewelry, your style, your statement..

If you can dream it, we can bead it! Simply endless possibilities.


Beadazzling has a range of over 6000 different items which includes semi-precious stones. Our exotic bead collection including glass beads, plastic beads, seed beads, wood beads, crystals, sterling silver beads and metal beads are very well known for the quality and size of range.

  • We stock Miyuki, Toho and Delica beads.
  • Crystals available: Swarovski, Chinese and Preciosa.
  • Beadazzling is friendly and always eager to help.
  • We offer kits and classes for those eager to learn.
  • Ready made jewelry in store and custom made jewelry also available on request.

No matter how exquisite, traditional or elegant your style is Beadazzling Beads offers it all.