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Starting off as a modest family business in the Western Cape in 1972, Beekman Super Canopies has grown to one of the three major canopy producers in South Africa. In 2008, the company was bought by Imperial Automotive Retail, a venture that has widened Beekman's impact in the market by providing financial stability and ensuring long term relationships.

Beekman Super Canopies is currently a level four BBBEE contributor and also recently acquired ISO 9001 accreditation, emphasising the fact that all of our manufacturing processes and quality control meet international standards.

Starting off as a modest family business in the Western Cape in 1972, Beekman Super Canopies has since grown to become one of the leading fibreglass canopy and related vehicle accessory suppliers in Southern Africa.

In 2008, Beekman Super Canopies was bought by Imperial Automotive Retail, a venture that allowed us to adopt a more formal corporate structure, and assist us to continue offering the best quality products and services to the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are continuously marching towards our goal in this highly competitive environment and have committed ourselves to a shared set of values that are binding on all employees and guide the manner in which we conclude our business, production and also the interaction we have with our customers.

Training and Development

Beekman employs over 450 people. To ensure consistent levels of quality Beekman is proud of the training school that is accredited with MerSETA. Twice a year groups of 20 unemployed people are put through training in fibre-glass production processes, as well as life skills and personal finance. On qualification the relevant individual receives a MerSETA certificate. 70% of these individuals are employed in our factory. Not only does this continuously improve our quality but also uplifts local community.


Beekman currently has an array of 145 products available, across the whole spectrum of vehicles in the market: "We will put a top on anything!" We are also registered with and approved by all the major vehicle manufacturers namely, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Nissan and GM.

Beekman offers the widest range of fibre-glass canopies and accessories in the market - a total of over 145 products. Our aim is to provide the highest level of quality standards and Beekman is registered and approved by major vehicle manufacturers and distributors.

With more than 60 fitment centres in Southern Africa, 7 National Depots, and an offering of over 145 products, we are surely one of the leading fibreglass canopy suppliers in Southern Africa.

Beekman are world-leaders in fibre-glass canopies:

Quality-built canopies Two year warranty on the canopy shell, One year warranty on mechanical items Excellent after-sales service Over 100 models available One of the biggest canopy manufacturers in the market

We currently manufacture canopies for the following vehicle brands:

  • Chana
  • Daihatsu
  • Fiat
  • Ford
  • Mazda
  • GM
  • Deckel
  • GWM
  • Hyundai
  • Kia Motors
  • Mahindra
  • Mitsubishi Motors
  • Nissan
  • Tata
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen

We also manufacture the following accessories:

  • Roofracks
  • Canopy sound
  • Side opening canopies
  • Loadbin lining rubberising
  • Canopy lights
  • Roof caddies
  • Canopy tinted windows
  • Cab sliding windows

Warranty Information:

Our products carry a comprehensive Two Year Factory warranty on the fiber-glass shell and One year on the mechanical items.

Please contact us if you require any assistance with your canopy. Replacement parts and windows are readily available from our Factory and Depots.

The serial number of your canopy can be found on the inside of the canopy. Keep this number in a safe place for insurance purposes.

For warranty and insurance requirements, you are requested to complete the form below now. This will enable us to supply the relevant authorities with proof of ownership in the event of theft.

Remember that the best place for a canopy is on your vehicle and Beekman cannot be held responsible for any damages or water leaks if the canopy has been removed from your vehicle.

Please note:

  • Your canopy will only be covered under warranty if it has been fitted by an approved Beekman fitment centre or Depot.
  • Kiwi Canopies in Limpopo are not registered as a Beekman agent.