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51 Victoria Road
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
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Bolt and Nut Centre was purchased in 1987 by Ted and Louisa Nutting who built the business from humble beginnings into the strong and successful business it is today.

They achieved this success by offering clients good honest service that they could depend on. Ted’s philosophy was to always put the customer first and deliver fast friendly service to every customer, no matter how big or small their purchase. This dedication to superior service has become the trademark of Bolt and Nut Centre.

Brandon and Daphne Fisher purchased the business in 2011 and have continued Ted and Louisa's tradition of service excellence.

As can be seen by the longevity of Bolt and Nut Centre, our dedication to service excellence is well received by our customers. Competitors come and go, often temporarily cutting prices to gain market share and then having to revert to normal pricing or close down. We believe in fair pricing and good service, We believe that the length of our service with a large portion of our client list , a lot of whom have been customers of Bolt and Nut Centre for well over 20 years, is proof of the positive effect of our activities on our clients’ business. Our product range in a nutshell is the Fastener, and Tools Industries, including Power Tools.

We currently have over 5 000 line items and are Pietermaritzburg’s largest and most comprehensive stockists of fasteners. We are suppliers to the Construction, Engineering, Motor, Electrical and Farming industries as well as to small enterprises, Home DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists. Because we’ve been in the industry for over 25 years we have very good relations with a considerable number of suppliers and our staff have the technical expertise to correctly advise our clients on their requirements.


  • Bolts: High Tensile, Mild Steel, Brass, Stainless, Metric Fine, Imperial, Plough, Nib, Coach, Cup Squares, Hook, Eye, Gate Hangers, Fence Straining, “U”, Gutter, Center, Cap Screws, Grub Screws, Threaded Rods
  • Washers: Imperial, Metric, Bright Steel, Black Cut, Spring, Fender, Wavy, Star/Tooth, Cup, Taper, Cone, Fibre, Copper, Aluminum, Hardened, Roofing, Disk Type, etc
  • Anchors: All types of masonry & industrial anchors including: Rawl Bolts, Nail Plugs, Chemical Anchors, Drop-Ins’, Wedge Anchors, Plasterboard Fixings, Plugs etc
  • Chemicals: Hand Cleaners, Silicones, Thread Lockers, Retainers, Sealants, Adhesives, Epoxies, Super Glue, Gasket Sealants & Makers, Cutting Fluid & Paste, Copper Compound, DWF, Q20, Radiator Flush and the full range of PS23 products
  • Nuts: High Tensile, Mild Steel, Brass, Stainless, Metric Fine, Imperial, Cleveloc, Nyloc, Wing, Dome, “T”, Speed, Castle, Long, Durloc, Flange, Push-On Fix etc
  • Tools: We stock a wide range of various hand tools, Spanners, Socket Sets etc. We sell Gedore, King Tony, Fragram, Raco, Somta,Micro Tec, Stahl Willie, Stanley, as well as various other brands.
  • Screws: Wood, Self Tapping, Chipboard, Machine, Coach, Furniture, Topspeeds, Roofing, Selfdrilling, Drywall etc
  • Abrasives & Cutting Tools: Cutting / Grinding / Sanding Disks, Drill Bits, Holesaws, Taps, Dies, Files, Water Paper, Emery Rolls, Mounted Points, Polishing Tools, Burrs etc
  • Miscellaneous: Pop Rivets, Grease Nipples, Split Pins, Wheel & Manifold Studs, Hose Clamps, Assortments, Nails, Self Cutting Inserts, Welding Rods, Chain, Cable Ties.


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08 Sep 16


Brandon & Daphne Fisher
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Internal Sales & Customer Advisor