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by Think Local
(3 Oct 16 @ 2:49 pm)

In the years this business has traded locally, we at Think Local have heard nothing but glowing reports of the service they provide, and that they are highly thought of. In our relationship with them over time, we have found them to be a delightful bunch, who is always willing to go the extra mile.

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The History Behind Chem-Dry story started in the early 1970s with Robert Harris, a young man from California who worked for a carpet cleaning company while he attended law school at Brigham Young University in Utah.

Harris wasn’t impressed with the cleaning products his company and its competitors were using. They took a long time to dry and left chemical residue that attracted more dirt. Harris began looking for a better way to clean carpets and found his inspiration in an unexpected place — in the air.

While on a flight back home during a break in classes, some salad dressing landed on his silk tie. A flight attendant removed the stain with a surprising “cleaner”: club soda.

So often, great things come from small moments. This one transformed Robert Harris’ life. Over 35 years, countless homes and offices have been made drier, cleaner and healthier because of what happened on a plane on this day in the 1970s, and it all started with a simple what if question in Harris’ mind. If carbonated water could work on a tie, he thought, why not on carpet?

The concept was simple enough. At the molecular level, carbonation has explosive properties that blast dirt and oil particles from carpet fibers. Our carbonation method is powerful enough to work with only a small amount of water, resulting in a deeper, drier and healthier clean than the most common method, steam cleaning.

When Harris made his discovery, steam cleaning was the industry standard, even though it presents some real problems. Steam cleaners force large amounts of hot water into the backing of a carpet, then rely on high-pressure extraction to lift the water and dirt out. The more water you put on carpet, the longer it takes to dry and the more likely the carpet is to breed mold and mildew.

Harris’ discovery was a breakthrough: Now cleaners could clean carpets more effectively while using a fraction of the water used in steam cleaning, eliminating the risk of mold and mildew. Harris realized he could start a revolution in the carpet-cleaning industry. The revolution continues: Thirty-five years later, Chem-Dry is the largest carpet cleaning brand, with over 3,500 locations worldwide and a market share of 7 percent, the largest for a single brand.

Today, we still operate with the same entrepreneurial spirit and a deep commitment to maximizing our franchisees’ investment in our brand through research and development, innovation and product development. We protect our intellectual property through patents and target our innovation for revenue-generating opportunities for our franchisees.

The innovation that gave birth to the Chem-Dry brand continues to create value for our customers and franchisees through the services the discovery made possible: a standard carpet or upholstery cleaning; an additional service like our proprietary Pet Urine Removal Treatments; an Area Rug service; water damage restoration job; protecting and sanitizing floor coverings; or cleaning the tile and stone surface of a home.


Chem-Dry’s Range of Professional Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpeting is a real investment and it seems to be the number one floor covering in most settings. Chem-Dry can provide bespoke maintenance programs to keep your carpets looking pristine.

  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • First impressions count. Regular cleaning can keep your upholstery & fabrics in an almost good as new state. Let Chem-Dry regularly clean your upholstery in your lounge, rooms, reception areas, front of house and other areas.

  • Curtain Cleaning
  • If you have curtains, Chem-Dry can clean curtains while they hang. Curtains play an important role in maintaining a healthier environment acting as an air filter, just like your carpets and upholstery they need regular maintenance.

  • Rug Cleaning
  • Chem-Dry will restore nap & pile to your oriental rugs or persian rugs. Our bespoke rug cleaning service allows rugs to be cleaned at your premises or alternatively at our purpose built rug drying facilities.

  • Vinyl & Leather Cleaning & Repair
  • Properly maintained leather will last four of five times longer than fabrics and can prevent any undue wear on your leather furniture. Chem-Dry’s leather products have been endorsed by over 300 tanneries and manufacturers.

  • Professional Stain Removal Services
  • First impressions count and that’s definitely the case in any environment.. As part of our bespoke maintenance programs, we can provide professional stain removal services. Let Chem-Dry keep your carpets and fabrics looking pristine and let the professionals deal with those hard to remove re-occurring stains.

  • Carpet & Upholstery Protection
  • Protecting your fabrics is an important element of maintaining your assets.. Within years’ experience the fabric care industry, Chem-Dry has the perfect process for managing and protecting your carpets and upholstery.

  • Bespoke Carpet & Upholstery Maintenance Programs
  • Chem-Dry’s professional technicians will analyse your needs and deliver a comprehensive plan to keep your carpets and fabrics looking pristine. We will identity heavy, moderate and light traffic areas and develop a maintenance program that provides a healthier indoor environment and a cleaner place to live and work.

Chem-Dry’s Range of Consumer Carpet Cleaning Products

Chem-Dry’s range of professional Carpet Cleaning Products products provides the perfect tools to keep your carpets, fabrics and upholstery looking sparkling clean in-between our professional visits. Our range of consumer products includes everything you should need to remove the majority of common household stains from your carpet and upholstery.

With over 30 years extensive research and development into the latest cleaning innovations, technologies and solutions, Chem-Dry really understands how carpets wear and stain. We have truly dedicated ourselves to providing the safest and most effective cleaning methods in the industry. Rigorous testing procedures ensure our range of naturally based cleaning solutions and professional products perform to exceed your expectations and maintain your expensive carpets and upholstery.