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Clive Willows

Clive Willows trained as a social worker and worked for 10 years for the Pietermaritzburg Child Welfare Society. He later qualified and registered as a Clinical Psychologist and has worked in private practice in this capacity for over 20 years. He has a special interest in trauma counselling, marriage/couples counselling, and other areas of psychotherapy. He also works extensively in the forensic field, administering assessment procedures and providing testimony in legal matters. He has published in the fields of parenting, trauma, divorce and children's law.

Jill Willows

Jill Willows is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice with over 15 years experience. She has a special interest in promoting psychological adjustment across the developmental life-span. She primarily sees adolescents and children, but also works with adults. She is experienced in working with trauma and abuse. Play therapy is available.


  • Psychotherapy
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Marriage and Couples Counselling
  • Play Therapy for Children

We also offer the following products:

Parenting with Confidence - An Audio-Visual Presentation

For 20 years Psychologist Clive Willows has presented the STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) Course to parents of children of all ages. This practical and helpful advice has now been recorded and can be used in group discussion, with a facilitator, or as a private study programme at home. The contents are presented in easily understood modules and include Child Development, Communication and Discipline This is a course which leads to a more peaceful, co-operative home environment. Children and teenagers grow in self esteem and responsibility and become better able to meet the challenges of adulthood. The programme is presented in three DVDs and has a total running time of 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Divorce - Legal and Emotional Aspects of a Social Reality

A book of papers presented at a symposium on 3 November 2007 by attorneys, social workers and psychologists. The book covers a wide range of subjects and will be a valuable resource to all those with direct experience of divorce, and those who counsel and assist others through this process.

A Guide To The Children’s Act For Mental Health Practitioners

This guide provides:

  • A summary of the provisions of each chapter of the Act
  • An overview of significant changes in the law relating to children
  • An explanation of the changed role of psychologists
  • A useful index to access appropriate sections of the Act
  • Reference to relevant ages of consent of children Compiled by a Clinical Psychologist with experience in the Child Welfare movement, Children’s Courts and a wide range of psycho forensic matters, and assisted by an Advocate practicing in the field of Child Law.

Healing From Trauma - A Book

An easy-to-read book which brings understanding and hope to all who:

  • Survive trauma
  • And their families
  • Work with survivors
  • Live in fear or stress

The content is developed from the experience of many survivors – as shared with a psychologist The text will provide:-

  • Understanding what is a normal reaction
  • Techniques to overcome potentially damaging effects
  • How to offer help and develop hope

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Contracted to most Medical Aids

Psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults. Forensic psychology. Play Therapy. Trauma and bereavement counselling.


Psycho Forensic Workshop Suggested Format Of Interest
07 Sep 16
Assessing Criminal Capacity
07 Sep 16
Psycho Forensic Workshop A Proposal
07 Sep 16