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by AmBi W.
(26 Dec 17 @ 2:11 pm)
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The CNA (shop 69) in The Waterfall Mall Rustenburg is pathetic! None of the staff members know the prices of their stock in the store. Earlier today (26/12/2017 09:30am) we wanted to know the price of the counter book 192 page 2 quire, 5 pack. The security guard brought us a pamphlet because the staff member at the computer couldn't tell us. In the pamphlet it stated that it is R12.90 per pack. We took two packs which equals 10 books. The man at the till charged us R12.90 per book! We told him that it was a mistake and the pamphlet shows its R12.90 per pack. He went to call the supervisor named Basetsana. She was rude and had a terrible attitude. She told us they didn't sell packs. I showed her the CNA pamphlet and she repeated to me over and over that it is wrong and that they do not...    Read more »

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by Reinhard D.
(27 Nov 17 @ 12:47 pm)

I went to CNA in Eastgate Mall on Saturday, November 25th at around 10 AM. CNA promoted a special on a PS4 500 GB with 3 games and 3 months PS4 membership for R4000.00, I was interested in this deal, but one of the staff said they had no stock of this item and suggested an Xbox One S 1TB + an extra remote for R4500.00 which I was more than happy to spend the extra R500 on. On paying they said their system is offline and I can't use my account. I told the staff that I just paid my account next door at Edgars active, and the staff member suggested I go purchase a voucher and come back and use the voucher as this will work. I went to purchase a voucher and when I got back to CNA, the staff member sold me the item at R500,00 more even though he committed to give it to me at the pre-advertised...    Read more »

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by Nthabiseng R.
(2 Oct 17 @ 11:02 am)

On Thursday the 28-09-2017 I went to CNA Brooklyn Pretoria store to get an art book. They were busy changing the flow display and shelf, but I managed to get the type of book that I wanted with a help of one of the people who were working on the floor. I then took the book to the front counter and requested them to reserve the book for me as I was going to collect it later, but when I went there later the book that I asked to be reserved was not there they did not reserve it for me I asked them to look for it which took me more than an hour in the store looking for that book and we couldn't find it because I wanted the book I asked them to search which store has the book around to drive and go to that store. They then said to me Menlyn store has the book. I drove to Menlyn only to find...    Read more »

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