Da Gama Veterinary Clinic

Corporate Park, 75 Da Gama Road
Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape
Da Gama Veterinary Clinic Logo


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by Stephan J.
(8 Aug 16 @ 10:03 am)

Fantastic Staff at Da Gama Vets. I have 4 dogs and 7 cats who all go to here when they are sick or need a quick checkup. The service is always welcoming and my animals never feel threatened when I take them to the vet. I highly recommend Da Gama Veterinary Clinic to all pet lovers.

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by Think Local
(6 Jul 16 @ 3:30 pm)

In the years this business has traded locally, we at Think Local have heard nothing but glowing reports of the service they provide, and that they are highly thought of. In our relationship with them over time, we have found them to be a delightful bunch, who is always willing to go the extra mile.

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