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282 Cape Road, Newton Park
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
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Our dedicated team is focused on understanding our customer's individual needs, showing empathy, communication and offering a resolution with complete follow up.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." Albert Einstein

We have 4 testing rooms with a pre-test room included and are able to offer our patients additional testing equipment including an auto-refractor, tonometer and a fundus camera. 

Their unique complaints and ocular abnormalities are managed appropriately and holistically taking into account any other medical conditions and therefore we are able to come up with a suitable treatment plan.

We strive to offer our clients innovation through our ability to identify the their eye related abnormalities and effectively correcting or managing them. Being able to interact with patients appropriately and confidently and ensuring the patient is comfortable. Being able to explain eye conditions and test results to the patient so they are able to understand the condition and treatment plan.


  • Eye Test or Examination

An eye examination is done not only to determine the prescription of your glasses or contact lenses but also to assess the health of your eyes.

It is the most important way to identify any problems and maintain healthy eyes and good vision.

It is recommended that you have your eyes examined annually.

An examination involves a number of tests to assess your vision and ability to focus on objects, thus determining your prescription to improve your vision.

  • Screening for eye disease

Routine examinations may detect a potentially blinding eye disease which could be treatable.

Many eye diseases are silent and can only be detected by a thorough eye examination before they become a serious problem.

An eye exam could also help detect diabetes and high blood pressure.

  • Contact Lens Fitting

A professional contact lens fitting will determine the best lens design to suit your unique eye shape, give you the best comfort and ultimate vision in contact lens wear.

A number of factors such as age, prescription and lifestyle also play a role in determining which type of lens will be best suited for the individual.

Please talk to the receptionist to schedule an appointment should you be considering the use of contact lenses.

Alternatively you can book an appointment right here from this WEB Site.

  • Skippers License Screening

Visual screening and completion of required documentation done for yachting, boating and flying licenses and skippers licenses.

It is important to have these screenings done correctly.

  • Driver license screening (Free)