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Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
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by Neal Caffey
(26 Mar 17 @ 9:41 am)

I dislike all Dischems. There is a guy working at the Baywest one and I took in a prescription to him once for antibiotics and various flu medicine and a few sleeping tablets. He looked at me as I handed him the prescription and started loading it onto the system, and 5 seconds later he told me "Sorry I am not allowed to give you any of the medication on the prescription". I asked why and he said "You don't have to worry I am the pharmacist and not you". Then he tore up my prescription and threw it into the bin. I then told him he will pay the DR who wrote out this prescription. He wanted to chase me out of the store. What goes around comes around. Someday he is going to upset the wrong person.

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by Cindy P.
(1 Feb 17 @ 12:07 pm)

Dischem in Cape Road is one of the best places to shop, I buy just about all my essentials there. The clinic is also good, I have taken my boy there when he was sick and received great service and advice, also for myself. The baby bag you receive when you are pregnant is a real giveaway and really comes in handy. Just to have a baby benefits card and spend R300 within a few months is a real giveaway.

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by Yolandi L.
(6 Dec 16 @ 9:01 am)

I often find myself spoiled for choice, I love their trading hours! I like their toiletry section they have the shampoo that I buy for my kids and they are not pricey at all. I love shopping here.

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