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“Power in motion” is the reason Equiptech is the leading diagnostic tool specialist in our field. Our power comes from a combination of the superior quality products we stock, our crafted value-added solutions and our unique customer experience. These elements enable Equiptech to move through the market, dominating any competition. Equiptech is affordable, reliable and most of all, power in motion.

Our Values

To always be reliable in providing superior quality automotive diagnostic tools, through a unique and compelling customer experience.

Our Vision

To remain the leading specialists in automotive diagnostic equipment by providing power in motion.

Our Mission

At Equiptech, we uphold our integrity by living the company values of superior customer service, honesty, reliability, quality and passion in all that we do.

Position Statment

For customers looking for superior diagnostic tools, Equiptech delivers power in motion; whereby quality, reliability and a compelling customer experience meet.


Equiptech takes pride in our superior customer service, where our approach to customer solutions sets us apart from the rest. We establish a dialog with our customers to understand who they are, what they need and what they can afford.

Our knowledgeable sales consultants will then be able to equip our customers by suggesting a range of recommendations that are specially crafted to their requirements, brand preferences and support options.

Once a choice has been made, the sales team offer their assistance in finance decisions and product delivery. Equiptech offers additional support and services to ensure that our product software is set up effectively and our customers are happy. If there are any further software enquiries, maintenance, repairs or the desire to purchase more products; we are only a phone call away from making it happen. That is how we deliver Power in Motion.

Our Approach
  • First - Establish goals, requirements and objectives
  • Start - Establish the budget parameters
  • 1 - Explore options within the brand & product offerings
  • 2 - Craft a detailed solution
  • 3 - Finance orders
  • 4 - Transport orders
  • Finish - Post sale, service and support

Sales & Solutions

Equiptech Automotive is the only Diagnostic specialist that provides power in motion. With over 15 years’ experience, our team is passionate and professional in providing a dynamic service that is specially crafted to your unique needs and budget. The Established provider of trusted brands and diagnostic tools; we offer versatile, reliable and genuine equipment with approved support worldwide.

We boast about our experienced and skilled Equiptech team, and rightly so.

When extensive product knowledge meets years of market experience, the result is a dynamic team that is equipped to handle all of your unique automotive and diagnostic needs; dominating any competition.

As we understand that time is money and cash is king, Equiptech will ultimately save you both in the long term with:

  • Genuine parts
  • High quality diagnostic and garage equipment
  • 24 hour product support
  • Upgrades
  • Spares
  • Stock on most products
  • Accredited Finance provider


Equiptech’s diagnostic tools are of the highest calibre in the market; so to ensure the highest customer satisfaction and product performance, Equiptech’s Post-purchase solutions offers:

  • Maintenance and upkeep advice on equipment
  • Annual software upgrades on all machines
  • Additional software add on’s (Texa and the Pro 3)
  • Basic repairs on equipment such as Screen scratches & breakages, water damage etc.


We offer original software upgrades to most major diagnostic scan tools including Texa TXTs, Launch X431 Pro, Diagun 2 Diagun 3, GDS, Axone, Axone 4, Autoboss, KTS and many more.


Darren Clinton
031 563 2461 | 076 704 8888
Garth Bogle
Dylan Fox
Sales Manager
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