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Sharing the Benefits of Knowledge.
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Farmers Agri-Care (Pty) Ltd is a network of agents who provide an integrated, on-farm crop protection service to commercial farmers in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa).

Our Objectives

Farmers Agri-Care aims to make a meaningful contribution to profitable crop production for growers, and to sustainable food production for consumers.

  • This requires a long-term view of the industry in which we participate,
  • And close relationships with the stakeholders we represent.

The science of crop protection has made considerable progress since the old approach of pest control.

  • Today crop protection extends into new dimensions of yield improvement and crop enhancement,
  • As the fragile agricultural environment becomes better understood, sustainable agriculture has also become central to the company’s philosophy,
  • And with rapidly-changing consumer dynamics, food safety and food quality are new concepts in which Farmers Agri-Care has become involved.

Why we are different

Today's high-performing farmers are focussed on the output-end of their businesses: crop enhancement, crop quality and yield increases.

Farmers Agri-Care agents have the knowledge platform to help growers reach these levels of performance:

  • Agronomic knowledge: of the crops, soils, climatic conditions on the farms they service
  • Biological knowledge: of the weeds, pests, diseases affecting these crops
  • Technical knowledge: of the products they recommend to provide effective crop solutions

This concept of knowledge underpins our slogan:

“Sharing the Benefits of Knowledge”.


What we do

Farmers Agri-Care (Pty) Ltd provides an integrated crop solution service to commercial farmers in KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa):

  • Sustainable, profitable crop production in KZN lies at the centre of Farmers Agri-Care's business philosophy
  • In order to deliver that, our business has become multi-disiplined and reaches into 6 core technologies, as indicated in the diagram
  • In line with this, Farmers Agri-Care is now a single-face, on-farm service provider of this portfolio of technology

Conventional Chemistry

In its commitment to deliver effective crop solutions, Farmers Agri-Care provides a comprehensive portfolio of farm chemicals, including:

  • Crop chemicals: herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, nematicides, plant growth regulators, adjuvants
  • Plant nutrition products: foliar and soil
  • Application equipment: a full range to ensure effective application of the above products
The company’s primary focus is the delivery of new-technology products. This means:
  • New chemistry and original brands are central to our tailor-made crop solutions,
  • Complemented by a portfolio of quality off-patent generics


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