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by Hanru M.
(8 Aug 16 @ 12:43 pm)

GJ Drilling is a fantastic business. We have contracted GJ Drilling on the mines and I am impressed at the level of professionalism we received throughout the project.

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The Drilling Company was established 36 years ago and since then provided professional drilling services throughout the country. Locations vary from the Kalahari, Northern Cape, North West, Karoo, Eastern Cape, Southern Cape and the Western Cape.

We are all in one! Quality Service and Dependability are Number One. Each client is to us like our only client and receives our utmost best service. We have years of experience and we believe that is what makes us the best and place us in a position to put our clients first and guarantee our workmanship and services that we deliver.

Choose right and never look back!! There is no place or province that we do not know or can't drill, from sand, clay and loose ground e.g. pebbles or river banks. We know what we are doing. We specialise in Percussion Drilling, Odex Drilling, RC Drilling en Mud Rotation Drilling. We can drill up to a depth of 300m.

We also provided drilling services to mines for exploration of iron ore,manganese ore and many other minerals and have years of experience in mine drilling, blasting holes, monitoring holes, exploration holes, drainage holes, sample holes and water holes.

Our drilling machines are mobile and we travel anywhere. We do groundwater exploration and make use of the geohydrologic services provided by a specialist hydrologist.


Drilling methods used by BCT Drilling

  • ODEX Drilling - This is considered the industry standard in overburden casing drilling. This system utilises a drill bit that extends through a casing. The drill bit has a reamer that swings out when the bit is in operation and which in turn drills a hole slightly larger than the casing. The casing in turn is simultaneously advanced by using a percussion force. Cuttings are removed through the casing by compressed air. This is a prefered method for drilling for water.
  • RC (Reverse Circulation) Drilling - A solid bit is used which produces rock chips. These chips are removed from the hole through compressed air (or fluid) that is pumped into the hole. At the top the rock chips is recovered by means of a sampler for analysis. This is one of the drilling methods that can be used during exploration for minerals but might be less accurate than diamond bit drilling because of the tendency of heavier metals, like gold, which accumulates at the bottom of the drill hole and in pipe elbows. During reverse circulation the air (or fluid) is pumped down through the annulus and return through the drill stem.
  • Mud Circulation Drilling - This method is basically the same as reverse circulation but instead of air a drilling fluid is used. This assist in reducing dust, keeping the drill bit cool and pushing the cuttings to the surface. The fluid selected depends on the formation being drilled.

BCT Drilling is capable of drilling holes up to 500 meters deep. Our drill bits vary from 5 inches to 30 inches. Our drilling team consists of three members with a combined total of over 55 years experience. We have experience in drilling all types of formation from sand, clay and various types of rock. The owner, Kobus du Plessis, is a second generation driller and believes on a hands-on approach to personally guarantee quality of any drill work. We have experience in the drilling of water holes, production holes, drilling for explosives, soil samples and ventilation holes.

Exploration for water & minerals

  • Water Exploration.  Before any drilling can commence one should know where to drill and how deep. We use the most effective way to find underground water through the services of a geo-hydrologist. Although there is many water divining methods, we rely on the state of the art technology used by AWEST and is proud to be associated with them. For more information on how to find ground water and the methods used, visit the web site of AWEST at www.findundergroundwater.com
  • Mineral Exploration.  BCT provide a core drilling service for mineral exploration and has provided this service to many mines in the Northern Cape. We also drill pilot holes for further exploration by means of diamond bit drilling. BCT Drilling is experienced in the planning and preparation for mineral exploration.
  • Blasthole Drilling.  This is the drilling of holes between 10 and 25 feet apart in rock for the insertion of explosives in order to blast the rock apart.