Grillers American Diner

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330 Cape Road, Newton Park
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
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by Cheryl B.
(17 Aug 17 @ 1:23 pm)

We have always enjoyed going to Griller's Diner. Comfortable seating, friendly and casual atmosphere plus good food at good prices.

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by DeanSteynberg
(19 May 17 @ 12:16 am)

I really love Grillers' ribs! Once you had it you have a very good reason for going back the next week. Service always good. American style burgers & chips with a milkshake. The American FEEL makes it feel real. Like we are in America. Even the food taste like that. If you have not been here, get there ASAP with the entire family.

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by Eric J.
(18 May 17 @ 7:30 pm)

I love the footlong russian. It is nice to have the diner/road house experience when you get there. I grew up with roadhouses as a child and still get the roadhouse feeling when I stop there. Brings back good memories.

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The concept of the American diner is perhaps the most timeless dining tradition that we know as a society.

Welcome to our updated version here in Port Elizabeth. Our intention, in its most sincere form, is to take the genre of a diner and keep it evolving within the very fabric of the dining landscape.

We hope and trust that you'll enjoy your experience at the diner and online.



Rise & Shine

2 rashers bacon, 1 egg, grilled tomato and a slice of toast

French Toast

with syrup, 3 rashers bacon and grilled tomato

New York

3 rashers bacon, 2 eggs, grilled tomato, flapjacks and syrup


2 rashers of bacon, 1 egg, sausage, fried potato, sautéed mushrooms and 2 slices of toast

Golden Oldies

3 rashers of bacon, 2 eggs, tomato and onion relish, russian, fries and 2 slices of toast

Route 66

3 rashers of bacon, 2 eggs, fried onions, bolognaise, fried potato and 2 slices of toast

Chicago Cheezy

Cheese griller, 2 eggs, sautéed mushrooms, beef patty, slice of cheese, fries and 2 slices of toast

Whitehouse Special

2 rashers of bacon, 2 eggs, sausage, philly steak, tomato and onion relish, fried potato and 2 slices of toast

It’s Toast:


Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. A diner favourite!

Ham & Cheese

With tomato and mayo. Very tempting!

Chicken & Mayo

Topped with lettuce and tomato

Smoked Chicken Melt

Smoked chicken, melted cheddar and mayo

Toasted Fillet Steak

100g fillet, fried onions, lettuce & tomato

Let’s Go Clubbing:


Bacon, smoked chicken & mayo, lettuce, tomato

Club Delight

Chicken & mayo, bacon, cheese, lettuce & tomato

Club Special

Chicken breast, bacon, pineapple & cheese

Club USA

Fillet steak, egg & cheese

Biggest Dogs in town:


With either relish or tomato and mustard sauce

Russian Dog

With either relish or tomato and mustard sauce

Cheese Dog

Cheese griller with relish or tomato and mustard sauce

Philly Cheese Dog

Oh so soft steak strips, mushrooms, onions and green pepper, topped with Cheddar

Salad Time:


Any fresher and it would still be on the farm


Garden salad with creamy feta and olives

Smoked Chicken

Topped with slices of smoked chicken

Grillers Salad

Bacon bits, croutons and blue cheese sauce

Saucy & Sexy:

Mo’Town Mushroom Sauce

So smooth and creamy!

Cincinatti Cheese

Go on, we won’t tell!

Monkey Gland

A favourite with the locals!

Pepper Sauce

This one might be our favourite!

New York

Mushroom sauce with a slice of cheese

Blues Burger

Bacon bits and blue cheese sauce...Awesome!


Griller Original Choice

The best in the West!


Elvis would approve! Topped with 2 slices of cheese


Aloha from the Islands! Topped with a grilled pineapple ring


From the wild, wild west! 2 slices of cheddar & BBQ sauce


Peri-Peri basted to combine flavour with mild heat


Eez very, very good Senor...Senorita!

Bacon & Cheese

The cow/chicken and the hog!

Double beef or chicken

Need any help with that?


This is the Boss of all burgers! Born in the USA!

Steak Burger

100g fillet steak

Rib Burger

2 x 100g rib strips, straight from the ranch

“Americans eat nearly 50 billion burgers a year, which translates to three burgers a week for every single person in the United States. That's a lot of beef.”


Chargrilled Rump

Billy the kid would tip his hat!

Mo’Town Mushroom Rump

A timeless classic!

Pepper Sauce Rump

Did we mention that this may be the best!

Monkey Gland Rump

One for the local folk!

New York Rump

Mushroom sauce and sliced cheese

Bacon & Cheese Rump

Why have only the cow...If you can throw in the hog as well!

T-Bone (350g)

When two meats meet, it’s a beautiful thing!

Fillet Steak (250g)

Love me tender, love me true!

Mo’town Mushroom Fillet

One for the ages!

Pepper Fillet (200g)

You’ll regret it if you don’t!

Monkey Gland Fillet (200g)

One for the local folk

Lamb Chop Grill

3 x 120g succulent chops and an egg

Mixed Grill

200g Rump, lamb chop, sausage and an egg

New York Fillet (200g)

Mushroom sauce and a slice of cheddar. Knock yourself out!

Bacon & Cheese Fillet (200g)

Live a little!


Surf & Rib

Half a rack of ribs plus 130g calamari and tartar sauce

Surf & Turf

200g steak plus 130g calamari and tartar sauce

Steak & Wings

200g steak basted and flame grilled with deep fried chicken wings

Rib & Steak

For all you rednecks!

Rib & Chicken

Half a rack and a quarter BBQ chicken. This might be messy!

Rib & Wings

Half a rack and crumbed wings.

Cool Meals:


Noodles topped with a creamy mushroom and ham sauce


Noodles topped with a creamy mushroom, garlic & herb sauce

Beef Curry (Boneless)

with rice and chutney & tomato and onion salad

Mutton Curry (Boneless)

with rice and chutney & tomato and onion salad

Chicken strip pasta

Noodles topped with chicken in a creamy fruity curry sauce

Philly Steak pasta

Softest steak strips, mushrooms & peppers in a creamy sauce

Spaghetti bolognaise

Brando’s favourite

Fish & Chicken:

Fish & Chips

The freshest hake! Have it grilled or in a batter, it doesn’t matter!

Calamari Meal

Always fresh, always tender. With tartar sauce

Calamari & Fish Combo

A dynamic duo for one!

Quarter Chicken

BBQ flame grilled!

Peri-Peri Quarter Chicken

Call the fire department!

BBQ Chicken Breasts

3 Flame grilled breasts!

Chicken Schnitzel

Always a winner! Not one, but two crumbed breasts topped with creamy mushroom sauce and two slices of cheddar

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Two crumbed breasts, stuffed with ham and cheddar and covered in cheese sauce

Come have some fun:

Kids breakfast

Bacon, egg & flapjack

Vienna & fries

Grab & Run meal, they have to go play!

Beef burger

¼ Pound ground beef on a bun with mayo and fries

Cheese burger

¼ Pound ground beef, lettuce, mayo, tomato & cheese on a bun with fries

Chicken burger

Chicken breast on a bun with mayo and fries

Rib burger

Deboned rib patty, lettuce and tomato on a bun with fries

Diner Eatiquette:

  • Loud eating noises such as slurping and burping are very impolite. The number one sin of dinner table etiquette!
  • Talking with one's mouth full is not only unpleasant to watch, but could also lead to choking! Definitely not a good idea!
  • No personal CHECKS accepted
  • Feet off the furniture
  • No Singles in Booths over week-ends
  • Order what you want, eat what you get
  • If you like us, tell others... if you don’t, tell us!
  • Don’t be a stranger
  • Time to go? Please pay your waitron
  • If we are crowded and you are short of time, then we suggest you join us another day.
  • We work hard to serve as many people as quickly as possible! However, we cannot make your food more quickly or make the people who came before you go away.