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Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
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Groomingdales of is a family run business which was opened in June of 2008. Our goal was to offer a Professional Grooming Service to you, our customer, as well as to create a safe, clean, secure and friendly environment, were Pets and their owners would be happy and Comfortable in our tranquil, air-conditioned facility.

After almost four years, Groomingdales has become like a second home to many of our animal friends and we warmly welcome new members to our close knit family everyday. We love Animals- All Shapes and sizes! We’ve Clipped Dogs, Cats and Bunnies, Trimmed Parrots’ and Guinea pigs nails, scrubbed a Potbelly Piglet, prepared Angora Goats for shows and even hosed down an Iguana Lizard! We also groom some high profile pooches that regularly are Winners at the KUSA Dog Shows.

Wherever Possible Organic, Hypoallergenic and non-toxic Shampoos and perfumes are used to help with and prevent skin irritations although Dipping for tick and flea treatment is also available. Clients are also welcome to bring their own shampoo. Lovely warm water is used for bathing and our walk in shower is a favorite of many of the bigger dogs who eagerly scramble to get in sometimes nearly pulling our groomers off their feet!

A Collection and Delivery Service is also available for your convenience. Dogs & Cats are transported in separate airline carrier boxes for their safety and security. We have a proffessional Veterinarian who is always on standby for any emergencies or general advice, her service to Groomingdales is invaluable. She is a great friend to Animals and People.

I would really like to thank all our customers for their ongoing support and extend an invitation to anyone who’s in need of Pet Grooming to come and visit us at Groomingdales to see what we are all about.


Three Steps To Great Grooming:

Step 1 :

Preliminary Brushing and Clipping to prepare for bathing by removing tangles and excessive dead hair and under coat.

Step 2 :

Bathing follows in our “Doggie Shower” with the use of soft scrub brushes and a shampoo suited to your pets’ skin type. We also offer dipping as well as some Aromatherapy treatments.

Step 3 :

Dogs are dried out properly while being brushed to remove any additional tangles and dead hair. After this process is completed dogs will then be ready for Professional Clipping and Styling, Tailored to meet the owners’ requirements as well as to breed Standards. Please feel free to enquire about the different styles.Wherever possible we offer our clients the most professional and up to date advice on Products, Kenneling and training.


Zandy Armstrong