House of Computer Clinic

7 Schelde Street, Central
Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape
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The owner/manager of this business is requested to contact the Finance Department at Think Local urgently.

Either call 0860 111 725 or email to make arrangements to reactivate this site.


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by Lize M.
(5 Aug 16 @ 10:16 am)

I am very Impressed with their service and the staff are very friendly. I have used them for all my PC disasters and have referred lots of business to them. I have now peace of mind every time my computer takes a turn for the worst. Thank you J-Bay Computer Clinic for always giving me great service.

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by Carl D.
(25 Jul 16 @ 12:49 pm)

Marcelle is always willing to help. Always friendly and goes the extra mile. I would recommend him to anybody that is experiencing any PC problems.

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by Annelize P.
(18 Jul 16 @ 2:05 pm)

By far the best and the friendliest service I have ever gotten. Marcel really knows what he's doing and he is always willing to help with any problem. Highly recommended!

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