Jimmys Killer Fish & Chips

Pietermaritzburg Branch
Old Greytown Road, Northway Mall, Northdale
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
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Well established in South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, and in the near future India, Zambia and Bahrain, it is evident that the Jimmy's Killer Prawns concept has been successful over the last 24 years with both Halaal and Non-Halaal stores.

  • 21 years after the “dream” became a reality, Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips was established in March 2011.
  • Jimmy’s Killer Fish & Chips is a scaled down version of the Jimmy’s Killer Prawns, and is geared for the take-away & take home market. Most of the stores also having seating available for the customer on the go.
  • Our brand accommodates current customer trends, varied tastes & preferences. Furthermore, we cater for all sectors of the population & all income groups.
  • Jimmy’s Group of Companies maintains the highest standards with regards to Cleanliness, Service, Quality & Value (C.S.Q.V.) and will demand the same from all its franchisees.

Our Mission

To provide affordable meals with excellent taste, superior quality, fast & friendly service, highest levels of hygiene & exceptional value to all customers.

Our Aim

To establish franchises that are unique in terms of appearance, product & service.

To establish franchises with low setup costs & to enable more investors & first time business owners without much experience to enter the fast food franchise market.


Our Menu

  • The focus on the menu is seafood items with limited range of sandwiches, rolls & meat items.
  • Our menus are very simple yet very interesting, appealing, modern & trendy with the key focus being on brand identity but in keeping with customer’s needs & preferences.
  • Our menus are thoroughly researched & developed with the wealth of knowledge & experience which has been acquired over the years. The innovating ideas from the franchisees and customers play an important role as well.
  • Our menus are based on thorough ingredient costing to ensure that the desired gross profits are achieved and that the business will be successful & profitable with a fair to good return on the investment.
  • Our menus are constantly reviewed to adapt to the ever changing market conditions & trends.