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Hankey, Eastern Cape
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The responsibilities of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJ&CD) are closely linked to those of the Department of Correctional Services (DCS). Both include ensuring a just, peaceful and safe society and both are involved in South Africa’s criminal justice and court system.

The DoJ&CD is responsible for ensuring an accessible justice system that promotes and protects social justice, fundamental human rights and freedoms, thus providing a transparent, responsive and accountable justice for all. In particular, the department leads government programmes to afford all citizens equal benefi t and protection of the law and the realisation of the Bill of Rights. The department also exercises executive oversight in the provision of public defence for citizens from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The DCS is responsible for ensuring a just, peaceful and safe society by detaining inmates in safe custody, while maintaining their human dignity, developing their sense of social responsibility and promoting the general development of all inmates and people subject to community corrections.


Highlighted Services

  • Family Advocate: Consulting a family advocateCustomarry
  • Marriages: Getting married under customary law
  • Equality/Discrimination :Lodging a complaint: Equality/Discrimination
  • Small Claims Courts: Recover debt
  • Master of the High Court: Reporting the estate of the deceased
  • Master of the High Court: Registration of trusts
  • Master of the High Court: Application for rehabilitation by insolvents
  • Master of the High Court: Accessing the Guardian’s Fund
  • Children and the Law: Protection for children accused of crime
  • Adoption: Consent/withdrawal of consent by a parent or guardian of a child for adoption
  • Maintenance: Apply for a Maintenance Order
  • Maintenance: Changing (increase or decrease) the amount of maintenance (Variation or Substitution)
  • Domestic Violence: Apply for a Domestic Violence protection order
  • Domestic Violence: Request a further warrant of arrest of a Domestic Violence respondent
  • Domestic Violence: Make an affidavit regarding contravention of a Domestic Violence protection order
  • Domestic Violence: Apply for variation or setting aside of a Domestic Violence protection order