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Kindermusik is a gently structured, flexible curriculum that allows children from birth to 7 years to learn and develop at their own pace.

Research shows music nurtures a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, lingual and physical development. Leading professionals and specialists from various related disciplines have helped produce this remarkable international program.

Kindermusik incorporates the most current research on the growth of a child’s brain, the importance of the parent-child bond and the vital relationship between a child’s emotional well-being and the ability to learn. Seven years of Kindermusik prepares your child for twelve years of school!

Join the more than 10 million children in 77 countries worldwide and enrol your child today at one of our 160 highly qualified teachers countrywide.

To qualify for a free demo class and more information on an educator in your area please phone us or visit our website.

Kindermusik South-Africa started in 1996.

Kindermusik Therapists are situated all around South Africa and our neighbouring African countries!



Our classes offer so much for kids – and the adults they bring along.

Bond with your child as you play, sing (no talent required!), dance, and giggle together. Your child will learn and grow through activities that stimulate brain growth, build motor skills, enhance social-emotional development, and much more. A trained, licensed Kindermusik educator seamlessly guides the class from one activity to the next and helps you understand what your child is learning. Your educator will also show you how to continue the fun – and the learning – beyond the classroom.

Infants And Toddlers

  • Village (newborn to 18 months)

Strengthen your bond with your baby while you stimulate her physical and cognitive development through song, dance, and hundreds of musical activities.

  • Our Time (18 months to 3 years)

Encourage your toddler’s creativity, self-confidence, and self-control in a secure environment where he - and you - can sing, move, play instruments, and explore the world.

The pre-schoolers

  • Imagine That! (3 to 5 years)

Tap into your preschooler’s creative spirit, boundless energy, and growing independence through music, storytelling, and a healthy dose of “let’s pretend.”

  • Kindermusik for the Young Child (5 to 7 years)

Give your child a strong musical foundation in a small, pressure-free class. She’ll have great fun, learn basic musical concepts and language, and discover instruments and composers.

Mixed Ages

  • Family Time (newborn and up)

Bring sisters and brothers together and celebrate your family! We’ll help each child discover his own voice and method of expression while they share their creativity and joy with one another.

  • Adventures (newborn and up)

Our summer camps offer music, stories, crafts, and adventures—all the Kindermusik activities you love, in shorter summertime sessions.

  • ABC Music And Me (2 to 6 years)

This program encompasses instrument and vocal play, dance, rhyme, story-time, and more, to boost the early language and literacy, pre-math, and social and emotional skills young children need.

  • ABC English And Me (2 to 6 years)

Introduce very young children to English through stories, songs, music, play, and total physical response (TPR). Nine theme-based units prepare children to understand and respond to basic English-language phrases for interacting with others, and build their vocabulary around common child-friendly topics such as the playground, farm animals, and daily routines.