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271 Mimosa Road, Blackheath
Johannesburg, Gauteng
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Founded in 1976 in Australia, Kip McGrath has been helping primary and secondary school age children all over the world to improve or extend their learning. With over 560 centres globally, we know what works.

Kip McGrath understood that every child learns differently and developed a methodology to help children to catch up and keep up in the core areas of English and Maths. Now, more than 40 years later, Kip McGrath Education Centres continues to tutor primary and secondary students all over the world to help them reach their full potential.


English and Maths Tuition Developed for Primary and Secondary Students

Kip McGrath provides tutorial assistance in English and maths to primary and secondary students. The system is based on how children perform in the free assessment tasks, which means they get placed at the correct level on our programme to learn all the necessary skills in either maths or English. Every concept is taught systematically, and the student works through each topic area until they have caught up to their year level. This approach is thorough, structured and successful.

All children are given a FREE initial assessment to determine what year level they’re currently working at and to identify any learning gaps.

An individual learning programme is then created to target exactly what your child needs help with. The programme is carefully designed so that your child progresses at their own pace. Your child starts on the Kip McGrath programme at the level suited to their current ability and knowledge.

Our methods

Why do our methods work? This question is best expressed as “Why does Kip McGrath succeed where others have failed?” We don’t take a one size fits all approach to our teaching programmes. Every programme is customised for the child and everything we do can be measured.

In Centre Tuition

Kip McGrath provides English and maths tutoring support for students in South Africa from Reception to Grade 12 including the NSC.