Kitty Cabanas Cattery

Curry's Post road, 9kms along
Howick, KwaZulu-Natal
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Kitty Cabanas has been owned and run by Jane and Gill for the last 11 years.

Jane worked in the veterinary industry for a number of years before having her first baby when she decided not to go back to work and run the cattery instead.

The cattery is now based 9km up the Curries Post Road outside Howick. There are 30 runs for your cat to have a nice spacious area when they visit. Each run has a cabana in which there is a mattress and nice warm bedding. There is also a shelf and ladder from which the cats can watch the passing Oribi and Wattled Cranes.

The cats are fed twice a day. Clients are welcome to bring their own food or they are fed Hills Science Diet food which the cattery supplies. The runs are cleaned out once a day, fresh litter put into the trays and clean bedding if necessary. Some of the runs have cat jungle gyms which the long term boarders enjoy immensely.

Please feel free to give us a ring and come and visit.

Kitty Cabanas is delighted to announce that The Kennels on Currys Post Road are open for business.  Jane says "After 20 years in the veterinary industry I finally decided to do what I have wanted to do for a long time from home. With a huge amount of help from my Dad (who did all the building for me) we have built brand new boarding kennels. We have built premium boarding kennels for both dogs and cats. I have had Kitty Cabanas Cattery for the last 13 years and see the kennels as a necessary addition to them.


  • Take care of special needs pets (such as dogs who have had recent surgery and need cage rest)
  • Walking of Dogs Daily
  • Administering of Medication
  • Daily Temperature, Heart Rate & Respiration and Blood Sugar checks (this includes keeping a record)
  • Take care of diabetic cats (and administer daily insulin injections)
  • Heated kennels and cabanas for sick or elderly animals
  • Food and bedding is supplied (Ultradog pellets for dogs, and Hills Maintenance cubes for cats)

* Please note: Should your pet need specific veterinary diet then it must be brought with the animals when you come.

** Should you wish to bring your own bedding, you are welcome to.

Fees are as follows:

CatsR55 per day
Small dogsR75 per day
Medium dogsR85 per day
Large dogsR90 per day
Extra Large DogsR100 per day
Medical Boarding dogs / Post surgeryR150 per day

* This fee includes food, bedding and daily walking. The dogs will be checked on continuously during the day with a last check done around 9pm.


Jane Lindeque
071 876 4528