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All our bedding items carry the NOMITE label, which deems it fit to be used in a house dust mite allergy sufferer’s home. The down and feather-filled products provide excellent thermal and climatic conditions – they warm you up rapidly when you’re sleeping but also decrease the bed’s humidity if the room is aired regularly. This makes it a very poor habitat for house dust mites to live in, as they thrive in humid conditions.

Another protective element to re-assure you is our tightly woven down-proof fabric – this makes it impossible for house dust mites to penetrate the fabric. Therefore, people suffering from dust allergies may enjoy the warmth and comfort of down and feather-filled duvets and pillows displaying the NOMITE mark.

NOMITE Care Recommendations:

  • Make sure to air your bedding and bedroom regularly to reduce humidity.
  • Wash your bedding regularly, following the washing instructions on the label.
  • Replace any bedding which has lost its bulkiness after many years of use.

Down vs Feather vs Synthetic filling

It is generally accepted that goose down is better than duck down. The reason for this being that goose down is lighter, so it’s able to keep you warm without weighing you down. This is possible because the goose down clusters are larger than the duck down clusters, making them have more air volume to absorb body heat. Feathers are larger, heavier and more rigid, having fewer air pockets to retain the warm air and are therefore less insulating. Feathers also have quills which can pierce through the feather proof fabric. Feathers have quills that can poke you and they’re larger – therefore less insulating.

Fill Power

Fill power is the measured loft or fluffiness of a down product and it’s somewhat related to the insulating value or quality of the down. The higher the fill power, the more air pockets and thus, the more insulating the product will be. The measurements range from just 175cm3/g to an impressive 900cm3/g for the top quality down.

The measurement is done by taking a one ounce sample of down and placing it in a Plexiglas cylinder, which has a weighted piston compressing the down. All duvets, sleeping bags and pillows made with high fill power are lighter than when made with lower quality down.

TOG Values

Tog value is an industry term for measuring the warmth of a duvet. The higher the tog value, the warmer the duvet – although keep in mind that this has nothing to do with the weight of the duvet. The tog value is measured in units of thermal resistance.

For example, if a duvet has a tog value of 4.5, then it would be more suitable for summer. If a duvet has a tog value of 13.5 and above, it will be superb for the colder months.

About Our Linen

At Makoti, we only manufacture our linen with 100% cotton percale. Percale has been dubbed as the linen by interior designers thanks to its fresh, crispy feel and longevity. The linen is pre-shrunk and made out of 100% cotton, guaranteeing you many years of satisfaction with the product.

Our linen is manufactured to fit the following mattress sizes: Here is a list of mattress measurements that our linen is available in:

  • Single: 91 X 192cm
  • Three-quarter: 107 X 192cm
  • Double: 137 X 192cm
  • Queen: 152 X 192cm
  • King: 183 X 190cm
  • X-King: 183 X 200cm

If you have a special sized bed, we will gladly custom make your bed linen for you!

We make pillowcases, duvet covers, sheets (flat and fitted), night frills, pillows and mattress protectors. All are available in a variety of different thread counts (TC) which indicates the fineness of the fabric. The higher the thread count, the more silky-soft the fabric will be. Highest quality Egyptian Cotton available.

Our linen range is available in various colors:

  • 200TC: white, off-white, stone or charcoal
  • 300TC: white satin stripe
  • 350TC: white or off-white
  • 400TC Egyptian Cotton white


At Makoti, we pride ourselves in being able to embroider any logo, picture or monogram onto a customer’s linen, in a colour of their choice.

Our normal embroidery layout on a set of double pillowcases is the top left corner of the pillowcase on the left and the top corner of the pillowcase on the right.

On our duvet covers, embroidery can typically be:

  • Horizontal, bottom or top;
  • Vertical, on the left or right side;
  • In the centre or;
  • Combinations thereof, such as a zigzag pattern.

Embroidered linen could also be a lovely idea to give as a wedding gift – we can even embroider the initials of the wedding couple’s names onto the bed set.

Please contact us for a quotation.


Turn your bed into something beautiful with our white Victorian lace. The lace comes in a variety of 100% cotton lace designs in either white or off-white. We lace the edges of all four sides of the pillow cases and duvets.



  • Summer Duvets Tog 4.5
  • Autumn Duvets Tog 10.5
  • Winter Duvets Tog 13.5
  • All Season Duvets Tog 15
  • Eiderdowns


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  • Health Pillow Range
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  • Chic Collection 200TC
  • Luxurious Sateen 350TC
  • Timeless Egyptian Collection 500TC
  • Makoti Exclusives Collection
  • Lace Designs
  • Pillow Cases
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  • Embroidery


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