Mickey's Doggy Day Care

29 Myrtle Road, Wavecrest
Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape
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Mickeys Doggy Day/Night Care started as a favour to a friend which has since grown into a more regular service. As the word spread, people approached us to assist them with caring for their pets.


Dogs limited to smaller breeds mostly are dropped of by their owners in the mornings and collected in the afternoon/early evening. When the owners are on holiday or in hospital where they stay overnight, their dogs stay indoor with us as part of our normal household.

Our facility is a residential house that is fully enclosed, with access that is monitored and controlled by a lockable steel sliding gate. Managed by the proprietor, the enclosure is secure and no animals can enter or exit the property other than by being given access through the gate. All public areas are tiled or paved, and garden areas are provided to the dogs.

All efforts are made to create a safe and homely environment to the dogs, similar to their respective owners homes!

Daycare Operations

All visiting dogs are fully socialised and well mannered, the dogs have free access to all indoor and outdoor areas of the house and dogs are NEVER left unattended.

Mickey's supply the food, bedding and playthings, they sleep indoor where there is lots of space for running around. We are one big happy doggy family!

Hygiene and Animal Health Management System

All public areas are daily cleaned and disinfected with veterinary recommended disinfectants. Should the owner not be reachable, our daycare reserves the discretion in taking the animal to the vet, should they deem it necessary.

Mickey's is not only a day care, but an overnight care too. Long term and short term, and weekend care are only a phone call away!


Koekie Van Zyl
042 293 3183