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16 Victoria Centre, 157 Victoria Road
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
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by Tanya S.
(16 Nov 16 @ 4:42 pm)

I am a big fan of Quincy's. I recommend everything on the menu absolutely divine ... The service is amazing because they have such amazing staff keep up the good work guys.......stay blessed ...Tanya .S

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by Olivia
(16 Nov 16 @ 2:31 pm)

Really great service. Love the atmosphere. Great bar area and fantastic menu - especially the pastas! Would highly recommend.

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by Patricia V.
(16 Nov 16 @ 2:30 pm)

Awesome atmosphere and great service! I found the staff to be very friendly. They have the BEST drinks in town, both hot and cold!!

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Quincy’s Café was opened in 1998 to fill a niche in Pietermaritzburg for an upmarket café. It is located conveniently in the Victoria Centre and was immediately popular. The menu concentrated on quality breakfasts and lunches, and although a dinner menu was available, it was set at a much lower key.

In 2001 when Quincy’s Café changed hands, we decided to keep everything pretty much the same but increase the emphasis on the dinner trade. A new menu was designed that focused on evening fare, whilst retaining the feel of the daytime menu. All items on the menu are available whenever our kitchen is open, so if you feel like Oxtail or Ribs at 7:30am after a hard night carousing, or maybe a cheese and mushroom omelette after movies and before bed, Quincy’s is geared for it!

We do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have and will mix and match our menu to suit where necessary. It is wise to remember that we are not Halal as we serve breakfasts with bacon and have other pork products prepared in our kitchen.

We are fully air-conditioned and have a huge parking area adjacent to the restaurant, and are 50m away from the Virgin Active Gym if you need to appease your conscience!

There is a unique angular, granite-topped bar separate from the dining area which is ideal for pre-dinner drinks or a beverage whilst waiting for a table. Casual, non-dining bar patrons are welcome, although the interior of the restaurant, (bar included) is a non-smoking area, we have an extensive, (60 seat) covered and weather-proof veranda with a separate entrance adjoining the main dining room, which is perfect for those who enjoy a smoke before/after/during their meal. This outside area is cooled by large fans in summer and heated with gas heaters in winter.

We attribute our continued progress to the stability of our staff and management, strict maintenance of standards, solid training, permanent management supervision and a genuine desire to please, which is reflected throughout our workforce.

Warm ‘Maritzburg hospitality, good value, generous portions, friendly, professional service and delightful dining await you at Quincy’s. Come and join us!

Our Staff

With any business it is the management and staff that make the wheels turn, and ours is no different. Our kitchen staff have mostly been with us since inception, and this level of stability and experience is invaluable. All dishes are conceptualised and implemented by the management, (who are qualified in this regard) and then faithfully reproduced by our cooks. We have a kitchen co-ordinator, whose job it is to collect incoming orders, relay the information to the kitchen departments responsible and then, when the food has been prepared, finalize garnish and presentation and send the food out to the diners. Some of our kitchen staff have 25 years experience in restaurants.

Our waitresses and barmen are sourced locally and are comprised of University students, other post-grad students and full time professional waitrons. We tend to use young ladies in the restaurant area and gentlemen in the bar area although we have had waiters in the past. We spend some time with direct experience training as well as reference to a comprehensive training manual written by us and purpose-designed for our application. Waitrons are incentivised by a percentage of turnover that increases with experience, confidence and ability. Some of our long-suffering ladies have more than six years experience with us – almost unprecedented in this type of business, and an indicator of the pleasant environment we try and provide for all! We occasionally use very experienced staff members as backup managers and hostesses when special circumstances require it.


  • Restaurant
  • Cafe
  • Bar
  • Ladies & Mens Nights
  • Pub Quizzes
  • Indoor & Outdoor Seating
  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Dinners
  • Desserts
  • Birthday Discounts

Quiz Night

Monday nights are Quincy’s Quiz Nights, a fun evening of general knowledge questions, where each team gets to test their wits against others. This has been a regular feature since 2000 and during that period over 36 000 questions have been asked and answered!

There is a par number of six members per team, but this is by no means a hard and fast rule, and teams of any size are welcome. There is a point deducted per person over the par number of 6 and a point credited per person under the par six.

It comprises a colour picture quiz element with ten questions, a general knowledge section with 40 questions that incorporates four bonus questions, a brain teaser section with between three and five teasers, and a lucky draw component at the end of the evening. Prizes are awarded for the first three teams and there are free drinks vouchers for winners of the bonus question section.

Special discounted items are available from the kitchen and the bar that make regular attendance affordable and the week on week return rate is as high as 85%.

This is a wonderful team-building exercise, a great way to spend a Monday night in Pietermaritzburg, and all around educational fun. Everyone feels like a winner.

  • Starts: 7:00pm
  • Finishes: Around 9:00pm
  • Costs: R10 per team member
  • Booking: It is advisable to book well in advance as tables are really popular on Quiz Night, and we are normally booked a week in advance.
  • Quiz Night Lotto: While we are compiling the results of the quiz at the end of the evening, we also run an optional R10.00 per ticket bingo-lotto, where the winner walks away with a prize of around R1000.00!! This can be tremendously exciting, and rewarding too, as we continue to call numbers until we have a winner.

Ladies Night

  • When: Tuesday nights from 6.00pm

In spite of the name, this evening is available to everyone regardless of gender. It does mean though, that ladies are entitled to a 50% discount on their main course. Some items on our menu are excluded from this offer, but they are few in number and there are still many options that qualify for this very generous deal.

It is advisable to book well in advance for ladies night as it is extremely popular and brilliant value for money. If you’re male, brave, confident and in serious need of a half-price meal, get dressed up in drag and try it on us….. Better still, get some mates and turn it into a laugh-a-minute evening! If you’re convincing enough in the eyes of management and other genuine ladies, you will qualify for 50% off!!

Mens Night

  • Mens Night: Wednesdays from 6.00pm

The longest running successful discount evening of it’s type in Pietermaritzburg, this is a payback for increasingly marginalised men! If you think all discount schemes are geared to the needs of women….

No longer! In an equal opportunity coup, Wednesdays at Quincy’s are giving something back to men: half price on your main course actually. No really….. Every main course you order will be 50% less than the usual price, and all you have to do to qualify for this incredible offer is each have a proper main course from our menu. The money you save on food can be redirected to your glass!

You can make it a men’s night out, or feel free to bring your partner, (or partners, as Uncle Jacob would have to), to enjoy the evening with you. Time to make a stand for the men!!

To be sure of getting a table please take the precaution of reserving one, especially if it is a larger group of people.

Birthday Special

If you’re turning 18 or older you should think about bringing your birthday dinner to Quincy’s. Here are the reasons why:

First reason: You get your main course at a major discount, as long as you have six or more people at your table and they each eat at least one main course item. This means you could have any meal on our menu and get it discounted to the value of the average of all the other main courses at your table, whilst all your guests would pay normal prices! Reservations are essential of course, and you should also make mention of the fact that you will be using our ‘Birthday Special.’

Second reason: The Quincy’s staff and management will not all gather round your table and attempt to embarrass you with sparklers, balloons, alarming singing and mediocre photographs of your happy occasion; instead, we will encourage your mates and or family to do so! You are welcome to bring a special cake if you have one and we will deliver it to your table at an appropriate time with all the things necessary to serve it.

The Quincy’s ‘Birthday Special’ is available every night of the week but cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer. That is to say, you can have your birthday special on any of our discount evenings with pleasure, but it will preclude you and anyone else at your table from getting the additional benefit of ladies or mens night discounts and/or any other discount vouchers, tickets or tokens.


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