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Manufacturers of Premium, Prefabricated Water Storage Reservoirs & Tanks Made from Durable Zincalume® Steel.

Established in 1998, SBS® Water Systems pioneered the concept of Zincalume® Water Storage Solutions in the South African marketplace and is a leading name in the liquid storage tank industry worldwide.

With a dedicated and efficient team, SBS Tanks® operates in accordance with sound business principles, putting the customer and uniquely South African community needs first. As a major supplier to the mining, fixed fire protection, municipal, water conservation & food and beverage sectors, SBS Tanks® well-honed ability to deliver high quality water storage solutions, on time, is regularly called upon.

Using advanced design techniques and by collaborating with South Africa’s leading structural engineers, SBS Tanks® designs, manufactures and installs easily transportable, prefabricated Zincalume® steel panel tanks with multi-layered PVC internal liners. SBS Tanks® are perfectly suited for the world’s harshest environments. A strong SABS ISO 9001:2008 quality control plan and keen focus on safety compliments SBS Tanks® approach to delivery and installation, through which SBS® has become the most preferred on-site contractors in a number of industry sectors, both nationally and internationally.


SBS® Water Systems (Pty) Ltd, the visionary company that pioneered Zincalume® tanks to the South African marketplace in 1998, and is the proud manufacturer of SBS Tanks®, will be celebrating its 18th year of unparalleled service excellence as premium liquid storage solution for multiple applications.

SBS Tanks® are the preferred liquid storage solution in the South African Mining, Municipal, Fixed Fire Protection, Water Conservation and Food & Beverage Industries. What sets the company apart from its peers is the ability to go beyond simply supplying a liquid storage solution. It engages on all levels of a project, from brief, design through to completion ensuring not only a world class installation, but positive client experience. The company attributes this proficiency as key to their high level of return business.

The SBS® range of tanks has been engineered, designed and developed from over 18 years practical experience in the water storage industry and continues to improve from strength to strength. SBS® Water Systems (Pty) Ltd is ISO 9001:2008 accredited. The company is also proudly affiliated to various professional bodies and organisations.

The company operates from a 5000 m² manufacturing facility in Pinetown, Durban, which is based on the east coast of South Africa. The City of Durban also boast the largest and busiest port on the African Continent and the company’s close proximity to this world class facility is extremely advantageous in terms of export logistics. SBS® services South Africa, the African Continent and has a large network of approved distributors worldwide. SBS® Water Systems was the proud recipient of the 2014 Durban Chamber of Commerce Exporter of the Year Award.

SBS® Water Systems (Pty) Ltd employs sixty highly skilled staff members. The company prides itself on continual improvement and staff training ranks high on the company’s corporate objectives. The company is dedicated to transformation and is currently a Level 7 BBBEE Contributor.


SBS® ‘s mission is to manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of world class liquid storage solutions to a diverse target market. The company endeavours to optimize services to ensure complete client satisfaction by way of delivering the right product and service on time and within budget. SBS® undertakes to provide technical assistance and after sales service for clients. The company maintains an ethical and honest business practice.


To become an internationally recognized and preferred supplier of liquid storage solutions. Expanding our target market by way of continuously seeking opportunities and expanding our capabilities through market development and creative global alliances. Continue to provide the best service and value for our customers. Innovation by way of remaining at the forefront of technology and service.


SBS® Water Systems prides itself in its export expertise. The company has positioned its manufacturing facility in Durban, South Africa. The city boasts the largest and busiest port on the African Continent and the company’s close proximity to the port is extremely advantageous in terms of export logistics. In addition to its advantageous location, the company has developed innovative and cost effective methods of containerising its products. All containers

are loaded within the company’s 5 000 m² manufacturing facility.

SBS® exports globally and has an entrenched network of international distributors. Distributor enquiries are welcome.


SBS® Water Systems has the capacity to design, manufacture and install 120 000 000? of liquid storage solutions per annum. The company has the capability and infrastructure in place to expand on the current manufacturing capacity at short notice.


SBS ® Water Systems (Pty) Ltd is committed to service excellence and legal compliance. Their membership of various industry specific associations is an indication of their professional commitment to clients. It also reassures clients of competency and willingness to stay informed of the latest developments in their field.


ASIB – The Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau

DCCI – Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a world-class Business Chamber and a united voice of business in Ethekwini / Durban

IMESA – The Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa

ISF – International Steel Fabricators of South Africa

Proudly South African – The Proudly South African Campaign

SAISC – Southern African Institute of Steel Construction

WISA – Water Institute of Southern Africa



336 kl Water Storage Drought Relief Donation – Gift of the Givers

SBS® Water Systems partnered with disaster response NGO Gift of the Givers, in rolling out drought relief solutions to areas affected by the national drought early in 2016. SBS® Water Systems (Pty) Ltd made three SBS Tanks® available for water storage (storage capacity of 112kl each) to the Free State towns of Lindley; Mamafubedu and Trompsburg. The donation valued at R750 000 included the installation and commissioning of the tanks on site. The installations were completed on 1 March 2016.

Says Brian Wilson, Sales and Marketing Manager: “South Africa is in the grip of a severe drought. It has been amazing to see how South Africans have joined hands in the spirit of Ubuntu through various initiatives to assist fellow citizens in need. SBS ® Water Systems (Pty) Ltd is proud to have aided in this national disaster alongside NGO Gift of the Givers. We are also extremely fortunate that the nature of our product allows us to rapidly respond to areas in need.”

SARDA – South African Riding for the Differently Abled

In October 2015 SBS Tanks® sponsored volunteer T-Shirts for SARDA Durban. The shirts made their debut at SARDA Durban’s final fundraising event for 2015. The event featured Tanya Visser from The Gardener Magazine and Television show and was hosted at Camp Orchards in Hillcrest.

SARDA Durban is a the local arm of the national non-profit organisation which aims to improve the lives of children with special needs through the physical,cognitive, social and emotional benefits associated with therapeutic horse riding. They provide horse riding for therapeutic and recreational purposes at no charge to children with special needs, from various schools in the greater Durban area. They aim to maintain a high standard of therapeutic horse riding by providing qualification opportunities and training to instructors and volunteers. SARDA Durban was established in 1980 and has been situated at Ridgetop Equestrian Centre in Assagay since 2007. They are an registered, well established Non Profit organisation, reliant on our volunteers, none of which receive any monetary payment for time and service, and who rely solely on the pleasure and enjoyment derived from helping children with special needs.


SBS® Water Systems (Pty) Ltd, the visionary company who introduced Zincalume® tanks to the South African marketplace in 1998, is the proud manufacturer of SBS Tanks®, a premium liquid storage solution for multiple applications.

SBS Tanks® are proven reliable in the Municipal, Mining, Fire, Food & Beverage, Agricultural and Water Conservation Industries. The SBS® range of tanks has been engineered, designed and developed from over 16 years practical experience in the water storage industry and continues to improve from strength to strength.

The wall panels and roof sheets of all SBS Tanks® are made of steel that is hot dipped and coated with a molten alloy of 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon, commonly referred to by its trade name Zincalume® , thus rendering SBS Tanks® highly resistant to corrosion.

Technical data sheets on Zincalume® and similar products are available on request. In some extreme cases, sacri?cial magnesium anodes are applied, further inhibiting potential corrosion. All SBS Tanks® are ?tted with an approved liner which prevents water coming into contact with the wall panels. This liner complies with the Australian Water Quality Centre standard AS/NZS 4020?2005 : Testing of Products for use in Contact with Drinking Water.

SBS Tanks® broad product range boasts tanks with capacities from 12kl right up the largest single storage solution of its kind, the impressive 3.3ML water storage tank. SBS® services South Africa, the African Continent and has a large network of approved distributors worldwide.

SBS Tanks® are used in the following industries:

  • Fire protection
  • Mining
  • Municipal and community water supply
  • Water conservation
  • Food and beverage

Applications include:

  • Fire?sprinkler and hydrant water storage
  • Emergency water supply
  • Potable water storage
  • Raw water storage
  • Water treatment plants
  • Process water and waste collection

Product Advantages:

  • Fully certi?ed by professional engineers
  • Unique modular design
  • Rapid onsite construction
  • Process water and waste collection
  • Storage Tanks for the World
  • Tank content (liquid) not in direct contact with tank walls
  • Ready for operational use upon commissioning
  • Vast range of accessories and spares readily available
  • Installation done at safe working heights
  • Low maintenance
  • Freespan, dome roof with no internal columns
  • Cost e?ective
  • Tried and trusted for more than 18 years


Cyclonic Rated Storage Tanks for Regions with a high incidence of meteorological hazards such as tropical storms, hurricanes, cyclones and typhoons.

The SBS Tanks® CY Range Is Engineered To Last.

Cyclonic rated water and liquid storage tanks are required in regions where hurricanes, typhoons or other high velocity wind events are a likelihood.

SBS®, in collaboration with local engineering professionals adept in dealing with design suitable for areas affected by meteorological hazards, has designed, developed and now manufactures the SBS Tanks® Cyclonic (CY) Range of storage tanks.

While the capacity, diameter, height and well known aesthetic appearance of the SBS® tank remain the same, there are some notable changes to the already robust and durable reservoir body. To meet the much more aggressive wind loads that the structure is subjected to in these high velocity wind events the weight and thickness of roof sheets, roof trusses, body panels have been dramatically increased. The hold down brackets which anchor the tank to its foundation are also substantially heavier.

The SBS Tanks® CY Range is designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 67 metres per second (240kph or 150mph) ensuring that our customers can remain calm throughout the storm knowing that their water supply is safe and ready for use once the storm has passed.


The SBS® Econo Range (EC) offers a high quality, value for money water storage tank with larger capacities and longer life span than plastic tanks along with a simple DIY installation. These attractive and functional products are best suited for installation in agricultural & rainwater harvesting installations at small holdings, rural homes, nurseries, farms, and small businesses.

SBS® Econo Range (EC) is available ex-works (factory) DIY or installed.


The undeniable success of the SBS Tanks® range within the Mining Industry, known not only for aggressive and hazardous liquids which require containment but also harsh working conditions, rough terrain, stringent health and safety regulations and strict quality control requirements, is proof positive that our modular liquid storage solutions are engineered to stand up to any challenge.

Having partnered internationally on these and numerous other projects with the biggest names in Mining and boasting an impeccable record of delivering nothing short of world class installations, safely, on/or ahead of schedule and within budget it is no coincidence that SBS® is the first and often only choice of the demanding mining water tanks industry.

SBS Tanks® bolted ZINCALUME® storage solutions are available in capacities ranging from 12kl to 3300kl for the safe and economical storage of potable water, raw water, tailings water, sludge, slurry, effluent, leachate and sewerage. If there is not an SBS® lining to suit your application our experienced and willing Technical Team will research and give an honest answer as to the capabilities of our storage solutions.

Tanks are available capacities ranging from 12k? to 3 300 k?


At SBS® we understand the importance of protecting life and assets. Our premium range of liquid storage solutions have been engineered with complete safety and reliability in mind. In addition to world class design solutions, manufacturing, installation and durability, SBS® Water Systems is also a listed ASIB approved supplier which delivers product conforming to 11th Edition Rules.

SBS® Water Systems is honoured to have been the preferred supplier on a number of prestigious Fixed Fire Protection Installations throughout South Africa, in partnership with various Fire Protection Specialists.

Tanks are available capacities ranging from 12k? to 3 300 k?


SBS® Water Systems is proud of its achievements and ongoing popularity within the South African Municipal Market in the supply of bolted steel Municipal Water Tanks. In partnership with various municipalities throughout the country SBS Tanks® have played a vital part in the roll out of community water supply schemes which has given residents in these areas access to basic human rights such as access to clean water and dignity, with the provision of sanitation, to millions of citizens. The modular nature of the product makes transportation & rapid installation in remote locations a reality. SBS Tanks® are not only suitable for the storage of potable water. The product is also suited for the storage of effluent, leachate and water treatment storage solutions.

Tanks are available capacities ranging from 12k? to 3 300 k?


Global warming and other environmental factors have seen a growing demand for alternative methods of water conservation and the harvesting of rainwater. The modular nature of the product makes SBS Tanks® extremely suited for this application. The product can successfully be installed in a new development or a retrofitted environment. The product can also be relocated. Within the property development industry maintenance and longevity are always a major consideration. All SBS Tanks® are made of steel that is hot dipped and coated with a molten alloy of 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon, commonly referred to by its trade name Zincalume®, thus rendering SBS Tanks® highly resistant to corrosion. This factor ensures a superior cost effective product in terms of longevity with no hidden maintenance costs.

Water conservation tanks are available capacities ranging from 12k? to 3 300 k?


Increased water supply demand, unreliable water infrastructure and environmental factors have driven the demand for water supply security in the manufacturing sector for operational requirements. Water supply security has been identified as a key economic business risk by industry leaders ahead of energy supply security. Almost every industry can benefit from backup process water for business as water is used throughout various stages of business, in product use, the supply chain and manufacturing. A lack of access to water can be a major challenge for any business’ growth. Through its 18 years in existence, SBS® Water Systems have partnered with various corporates within the Manufacturing, Food and Beverage industry in providing water storage solutions for backup water supply. Due to diversity of the product, many of these projects have been multi-purpose in function. The modular nature of the product also allows for tanks to be relocated should the need arise.

Tanks are available capacities ranging from 12 k? to 3 300 k? 


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