Shutterspeed Photography

Servicing the Local Municipality
Based in Plettenberg Bay, Eastern Cape
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The owner/manager of this business is requested to contact the Finance Department at Think Local urgently.

Either call 0860 111 725 or email to make arrangements to reactivate this site.


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by Keira S.
(15 Feb 17 @ 10:57 am)

This guy, Jan Venter, is the most ill-mannered and rude human being I have ever come across. OMW, you will not believe what he has written to us, after we simply asked him to pay his account. Here are a few sentences from numerous emails: "go and play in the traffic and stop bothering me !!.... Oh come on grow up woman, you are missing the in poor your style of marketing is, and that after numerous no-answers to your Lady, whom pestered me, until I gave in.... Trust this sinks in to your now well programmed brain.... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ????????" Really, who says this to complete strangers, especially people just doing their jobs trying to get payment from you while you're picking a fight to not pay your way in life? Only a narcissist bully, I'm...    Read more »

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