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72 Pickering Street, Newton Park
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
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The Smiley Kids reputation is founded on a solid Foundation Phase Curriculum and a progressive Stimulation Programme that caters for children form 3 months up to Grade R (Pre-Primary). Reports are given out 3 times during the year(ages 2-6yrs) to give feedback to Parents and more frequently in the Nursery as each baby reaches their relevant milestones. We also offer a wide variety of extra-mural activities which compliment the academic and physical aspects of the curriculum. Included in our annual planner are family orientated events such as a Fun Walk/Family/Sports Days, Grade R Graduation, a year-end Concert,School photos, Parent meetings and many more.

We also provide balanced meals which include cooked breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea time. Tuckshop and Make & Bake are also provided and included in the monthly fees.

We are open from 06h30 to 18h00, Monday to Friday, all through the year, except religious and public holidays. The school has its annual shutdown in December/January for 10-15 working days.

A holiday programme is offered during the school holidays and all children are welcome to join in the fun!

Smiley Kids Newton Park is monitored by CCTV 24/7/365 and is also contracted to ECMR for rapid medical aid response if needed. Our staff are kept trained and up to date with the latest first aid trends to ensure the safety of all our babies and toddlers.

Parents have access to all our details via our main website and our personal website and our facebook page


A Smiley Babes Centre:

  • A well researched stimulation programme in conjunction with occupational and physio therapists stimulating brain development through exercise, massage and tactile stimulation.
  • Babies are assessed weekly and reports given.
  • Specially prepared nutritional baby meals provided.

A toddler/ Pre- Primary Centre

  • A programme that focuses on the kinaesthetic establishment of learning concepts, learn-through-play environment and monitored progress through continuous assessment.
  • Reports given throughout the year
  • Balanced meals (cooked breakfast, lunches and tea time included)
  • Extra mural activities
  • Holiday Programme 

After Care

  • A Daily routine is followed to instil good study habits
  • Homework under supervision
  • Competent teachers
  • Transport to and from school
  • PS: since your child's homework is complete, you can relax and enjoy quality time in the evening.