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by Think Local
(6 Oct 16 @ 2:37 pm)

In recognition of a long-standing business relationship, Think Local would like to kick start reviews for this business. In the years we have dealt with Spanafrica Steel Structures and his team, we have found this business to operate with a high level of integrity and friendly disposition. This is rare and worthy of praise in an economy that keeps most businesses under stress. Thank you most sincerely for your support, and we hope the community comes forward with many more positive messages.

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Since 1992 we have focused on three key elements in our business, which we encourage you to read about. We believe that how we manage these three aspects are what makes us different and has ensured our continued growth.

You can either click on Design, Manufacture or Installation, depending on your particular requirements or simply read through all three sections to gain a sense of why so many people turn to us to assist them in the successful installation of a quality steel structure.

Lead by a team of enthusiastic and experienced Project Managers, SpanAfrica has become a force to be reckoned with in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands with over 3500 successfully completed projects in the agricultural, industrial/commercial, churches and schools sectors.

SpanAfrica is an equal opportunities employer, and has an ongoing training process in place to allow its employees to improve themselves and take up better opportunities. The management and staff have over 120 years’ collective experience in the structural steel industry covering the key elements of design, manufacture and installation.

You can Meet the Team or simply Contact Us for further information or to obtain advice about your specific requirements.

We are proudly members of the following organisations:

  • Master Builders Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • The Southern African Institute of Steel Construction
  • International Steel Fabricators
  • Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Business



Our daily mantra is to give you the steel structure you want in the most cost efficient manner possible and our entire organisation is geared towards achieving this.

All our buildings are designed to meet SANS10601 design parameters for safety and our team spends significant time, prior to project commencement, understanding your needs and the environmental conditions under which the structure will operate.

Some of the factors we take into account when designing your building include both dead and live loadings e.g. snow loading; wind speed; terrain category and services required by the building e.g. fire extinguishers, suspended ceilings, ducting, loading both inside and outside etc.

While every building is custom made we do have pre-optimised building sizes available based on spans of 8m; 11,8m; 15,5m; 19,5 and 23m. These have been developed to enable the most cost effective span utilisation.


Our 4058 sqm factory focuses on four critical success factors during the manufacture process:

  • Right Materials
  • Right Staff
  • Right Processes
  • Right Quality Checks

The Production Process:

We take pride in the effective and consistent production process employed:

  • We liaise with our Clients until they have approved the design and budget;
  • The design is signed off by an engineer;
  • Once approved the plans are taken through to the processing department where we develop the bill of materials as well as a set of workshop drawings per component;
  • We then hold the first quality control check meeting. Here the Project Manager hands over the approved workshop drawings to the processing department and the production department and fully briefs them on every detail of the project
  • The bill of materials is drawn up, and again quality checked by the three parties
  • The materials are purchased and production is implemented.
  • Installation

    Our skilled, experienced and dedicated installation crews are available to install all our steel structures or you may choose to use your own contractors, if you have reliable ones available.

    Our teams can handle the bases, rigging, sheeting and painting and are both quality control driven and health and safety compliant.

    Your Project Manager will visit the site regularly and will be available when it’s completed for the official hand over.

    All access to sites is strictly controlled and you will be introduced, at the outset, to all members of the crew that will be working on your project so that you know who the SpanAfrica team is, upfront.

    Particular care is taken when offloading the structural components on-site and you will receive regular communication and liaison prior to the truck arriving to clarify where it must be offloaded and where key components are to be stored.


    We have provided the southern African and Indian Ocean Island communities with general steel buildings in the Agriculture, Industrial and Commercial and Churches sectors since 1992.

    Please feel free to browse through all these sections or go directly to the area that covers your specific requirements.

    Do remember that if you don't find what you're looking for one of our Project Managers will gladly liaise with you directly. Simply email us or contact us.


    • Poultry
    • Dairy 
    • Storage

    Industrial / Commercial:

    • Churches
    • Schools
    • Show Cases


    Mr Ryan Swart
    033 346 2555
    Mr Andrew Pratt
    082 383 3937
    Mr Sashen Chetty
    082 806 4112
    Mr Steve Oellermann
    082 901 9046
    Mr Bill Freeman-Smith
    Mr Bill Bray
    082 039 3980
    Mr Rocky Abdool