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Servicing The Msunduzi
Based in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
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by Think Local
(3 Oct 16 @ 10:43 am)

In the years this business has traded locally, we at Think Local have heard nothing but glowing reports of the service they provide, and that they are highly thought of. In our relationship with them over time, we have found them to be a delightful bunch, who is always willing to go the extra mile.

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Superspan was established in 1972 by Mr. Eddie O’Gorman who designed and built his own gutter machines. The Company was sold on to Mr. Hillerman and eventually bought out by the father and son team of Dave and Wayne Carruthers as PMB Gutters, established 1992. The Superspan name was retained hence PMB Gutters cc t/a Superspan Gutters.


SuperSpan Gutters “The Raining Champions” will enhance and protect your investment with the most efficient, tailor-made and cost effective rain-water disposal system. Guaranteed.

Superspan can design then supply and install a rain water system along with various types of fascia and barge boards with all the necessary timber which is often not fitted.

Superspan Gutters will meet with you on site to determine your requirements, design a rain water system to serve your needs taking into account roof areas and various other factors that will determine the correct size and type of gutter and downpipe for your application.

On your acceptance the work will be carried out by a fitment team under the supervision of a Company Representative. On payment, unmatched by any other company, our unique 10 Year Guarantee against leaking will be issued along with our money back guarantee should our system not function. All our suppliers are SABS approved, ensuring the very best at all times i.e. No discoloration, flaking, peeling or other defects.

We supply and fit:-

  • Standard roll formed aluminium eaves, gutters and downpipes
  • Purpose made box gutter in aluminium, chromedek, galvanized or fiberglass
  • Fascia and barge boards in timber, fiber-cement and PVC
  • All gutter and downpipe components are readily available from the office at 95 Railway street in Pietermaritzburg with any purpose made requests being made up to order.


    Different Brackets That We Use
    05 Sep 16
    Downpipes Spreaders Funnel Outlets And Mitre Guards
    05 Sep 16
    Gutter Types
    05 Sep 16
    Water Hopper Heads
    05 Sep 16
    Terms Conditions
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    Supply Only Pricelist 0513
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    Diy Outlet
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    Wayne Carruthers
    Member, Head of Operations
    083 775 1231
    Jon-Luke Carruthers
    Sales Manager
    083 775 1239
    Eugene Wood
    Procurement Officer, Health and Safety Office
    Dave Carruthers
    033 342 9412
    Ronel Carruthers
    Administrative Officer
    033 345 6359


    Keeping Tomorrow Green
    5 September 2016

    Keeping Tomorrow Green

    by Superspan Gutters
    We all have a role to play in protecting our future and at Superspan Gutters we are no different. Our brand new Fiat Ducato vehicles run on the newer, cleaner and albeit more expensive diesel, having only 50 parts of sulpher per million as opposed to the older fuel being 500 PPM.