Thornhill Christian College

140 Langalibale Street, Bramhill Building
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
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As Thornhill Christian College we undertake to join our parents/guardians by nurturing their children after Luke 2:52. The welfare of the children is paramount. To ensure this welfare, staff and all adults involved in the preschool must put the children first at all times. For this vital goal to be achieved it is essential that everyone in the pre-school is aware of, and understands the policies, procedures and systems to which the pre-school runs.

"In order to exert the right influence, [our teaching and support staff] should have perfect control over [their] own heart [and] should be richly imbued with love for her/his pupils, which will be seen in his/her looks, words and acts" (Counsels for the Church).

Principal's Message

Education is a window to the world and for this reason our approach (from Grade RRR to Grade 12) is a holistic one. Our academic programme is challenging and imaginative, designed to foster intellectual curiosity and a lifelong love of learning. It is essential that all in our charge are equipped to take on the challenges of change and progress.

1. Pupils write the National Senior Certificate.

2. Our curriculum andd teaching and learning facilitation will ensure that the majority of our students will continue with tertiary education in South Africa or abroad.

3. Thornhill Christian College’s strength lies in its staff/pupil ratio, with classes rarely exceeding 35 boys/girls.

4. Importance is placed on each learner’s personal development (Luke 2:52).

5. We strive to empower each pupil, based on the values of respect, trust, integrity and responsibility through a Students’ Representative Council. Each senior boy/girl serves on a task team during his/her final year at Thornhill Christian College’s.



  • Daycare and after care.
  • 6:45am onwards
  • Grade RRR (3 - 5 years).

Primary School

  • Day school from 7:30am onwards.
  • Grade 1 - 7

High School

  • Day school from 7:30am onwards.
  • Grade 8 - 12

Finishing School

  • Study times (Day): 7h45am - 14h45pm. Matric upgrading
  • Study times (Evening): 15h00pm - 19h00pm. Matric upgrading