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TYRES & MORE® is committed to keeping customers on the move through the provision of cost-effective vehicle-related services performed by highly trained professionals, giving you what you need, when you need it, at the price you need it at, whilst ensuring overall value.

The vibrant energy of our staff, contemporary look & feel of our stores, and professionalism of our trained technicians will inspire a sense of confidence in our ability to deliver a no-frills, “get what you need” customer experience.

The colourful customer waiting area gives you freedom and space to breathe, inspiring creative thoughts while we take care of your mobility needs in our well-equipped workshops.

TYRES & MORE endeavours to minimise the vehicle operating costs of its customers by optimising supply chain management and investing in technologically advanced processes, without compromising on clean, fun and friendly service while delivering a wide range of products and services to safety and service conscious motorists. 

Though our brand may be fun & funky, there’s nothing playful about our service. We are a service-oriented fitment centre, supported by experienced technicians whose primary interest is the sound mechanical operation of your vehicle, keeping you and your family safe on the road.

Our Mission:

TYRES & MORE® is committed to keeping customers on the move through the provision of cost-effective vehicle-related services performed by trained professionals, giving customers what they need, when they need it, at market related prices, whilst ensuring overall value for all stakeholders.


  • Car Aircon Re-gassing
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Balancing Tyres
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Minor Services
  • Tyre Puncture Repairs
  • Tyre and Wheel Rotation
  • Rubberising
  • Wheel Repairs
  • Xpress Credit
  • Monster Price Crush - Tyre Deals
  • Monster Price Crush - Batteries, Shocks & Brakes


  • Tyres: We supply safe, reliable tyres of the highest quality for passenger cars, 4x4 and commercial vehicles. Choose from our wide variety of premium brands.
  • Wiper Blades
  • Nitrogen: Ensure a longer life for your vehicle's tyres and improved road handling with our nitrogen top-ups.
  • Exhausts: Our service experts will advise you on your exhaust system. Our friendly team will reliably and safely replace your exhaust system at a competitive price, providing you with the optimum exhaust that best suits your needs. 
  • Towbars: Add a tow bar to your vehicle to make moving your things around that much more effective. Are you moving goods, planning a camping trip or simply the kind of person who helps a driver in need? With a tow bar from TYRES & MORE ® attached to your vehicle, a trailer, caravan or troubled car can easily be hitched to your ride. Best of all, our accessories are tough, durable and available in attractive designs to complement the class of your car. 
  • McGard Wheel Locks: Keep your wheels and tyres where they belong with McGard, the industry’s leading unique-patented wheel locks.
  • Agri Tyres: We offer a solution for your agricultural or truck tyre requirements. (Available at selected stores only)
  • Windscreen Replacements: Auto Glass Fitment available in selected stores only. Please note that we offer glass replacement and not repairs.
  • Bluetooth: Now you don’t have to do a juggling act with your cell and the steering wheel while trying to remain in touch via your cell phone while driving. Drive safe by installing a Bluetooth car kit and keep those hands on the steering wheel where we want them to be. Enquire Now!
  • Car Audio: Cause it’s all about the bass, and you don’t want to be the laughing stock with sound distortion. With the correct three basic components that every sound system has to include (the head unit provides an audio signal, the amplifier boosts it, and the speakers produce the sound), we will help you get the party started. These components are highly dependent on one another, and the overall quality of a car audio system is determined by how they interact. Ask us which system will be best for your jam.
  • Car Alarms: Whether popping to the mall or going to start your car in the morning, we all need the surety that our loving automobile will be right there where we left it. Fit a car alarm to deter those would be thieves. Enquire now about the best suited system for your car.  
  • Wheels: We have something for everyone when it comes to choosing your stylish, flashy and sophisticated alloy wheels. 
  • Batteries: We know the importance of efficient and reliable products for your vehicle. That's why we stock leading name brands in batteries, to make sure that you don't run out of power when you need it most. Whether your current unit is running low and needs to be replaced or you want to keep a spare on-hand, we have a solution for you. We stock these brands:
    • Duracell
    • Turn1 Battery
  • Brakes: We provide industry leading brands for parts and excellent technical services for you and your car. We stock brands that are top-of-the-range Original Equipment (OE) and leaders in the aftermarket industry too, namely:
    • ATE
    • Ferodo
    • Safeline
  • Shocks: shock absorbers wear down over time and need to be checked to maintain effective vehicle handling. We can test and replace your shock absorbers in no time. TYRES & MORE ® stock a variety of shock absorber brands to suit your needs and pocket.