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We help you, as a business, access your portion of the billions of Rand that the South African Government has allocated to supporting businesses with grants and loans; impacting your bottom line and enhancing your balance sheet.

We help you identify the funds applicable to your business and its growth plans, ensuring time-saving and higher success rates.

Uzenzele Holdings (UH) prides itself as a business-driven business; utilising real life experiences and knowledge for each client. UH has specialist consultants with over 56 years of combined experience in business development and accessing governmental funding, saving you time that should be spent running your own business. Leave the technicalities and administration of government funding to us, increasing your chance of successfully accessing your piece of the billions set aside each year to help businesses just like yours.

Zahra Rawjee has been involved with, and had exposure to, various industries and businesses in shareholder, director and management executive capacities due to a range of family interests within South Africa and abroad. Her skills lie in business and contract analysis, training and facilitation, as well as access to developmental funding. Zahra also holds a BCom degree in Law from the University of Pretoria.

adia Rawjee has experience in industries ranging from FMCG to manufacturing and mining because of family interest and her involvement in an influential African network called Intra Business Network. Her skills lie in business analysis, business modelling and accessing developmental funding. She has a BCom degree in Finance and a BCom degree in Economics & Econometrics from the University of Johannesburg.


Access to Developmental Funding:

UH assists its clients with accessing developmental funding available through the various developmental funding institutions, including: DTI, IDC, and NEF.

Every year, billions of Rand are made available to businesses through these institutions. These tax-free funds are made available as grants and loans.

Often, many activities you are already funding within your business can attract these types of developmental funds. UH helps you determine which funds are relevant to your business and takes you through the process of applying to the various institutions; with knowledge and experience, we are able to take the headache and uncertainty out of applying for developmental funds.

Funding Matrix:

A Funding Matrix is a clear summary of the different funds available to your business from the DTI, IDC and NEF.

A top-level analysis of your business is carried out to understand your funding needs. These are then analysed against 30 different funds to determine which fund(s) is available to your business so that you can make the best choice for your business’ growth.

Business Strategy Workshop (BSW):

Only when you are certain about where your business is going, will you be able to plan out the route to get it there. This is a vital step that is often overlooked or left to become out-dated. If you do not have a clear written strategy for your business, this is an important step to take when deciding to access funding – to ensure that you are accessing funding that helps you achieve your business goals.

Needs Analysis Workshop (NAW):

Many businesses have developed their strategies and have a clear path to their goals. If this is the case, a Needs Analysis Workshop unpacks that strategy to understand your business’ funding needs within the strategy to ensure the maximum benefit for your business.

*Includes Funding Matrix

Enterprise Development Plan:

The new B-BBEE codes require businesses to engage in sustainable and effective Supplier and Enterprise Development (SED).As an EME (exempt micro enterprise) and QSE (qualifying small enterprise), you may be able to access funds and non-financial support from organisations that are looking to improve their B-BBEE score.

The key is to know how to present your business and help large enterprises understand the importance of providing you with support.

As a QSE or Large Enterprise, it is important to know how to implement effective and sustainable SED to ensure that your support not only helps smaller businesses grow, but also gives you the maximum benefit for your efforts.

Enterprise & Supplier Development

As part of UH’s focus on Enterprise Development, UH has been certified as one of the few UNDP Supplier Development Programme (SDP) Consultants.

The SDP is a UNDP initiative in collaboration with ABSA, to work together with countries to increase the competitiveness of value chains by assisting SMMEs to provide more and better products and services to large companies or large buyers.

It helps increase the value by diagnosing, evaluating and certifying SMMEs to be suppliers to large organisations or corporates using a 9-month in-depth intervention which follows a methodology that is based on world best practices. The methodology improves the quality, price, time of delivery, and services offered to large companies.

This aligns with the newly enforced BEE Codes of Good practice (May 2015) and UH is uniquely positioned to provide a tried and tested Supplier Development Programme to South African Large Businesses. UH can also leverage its capacity and capability with accessing finance through existing developmental funding institutions and funds such as the DTI, NEF, IDC and GEP, as well as the commercial partners of the SDP programme, ABSA. UH is thus able to create value for both the Supplier and the Large Business with a win-win approach.


Investment Incentives and Treasury Grants are programmes that the government uses to promote business and economic growth by encouraging competitiveness, contributing to development and supporting job retention/creation in certain key industry sectors.

Development Loans support the working capital/cash flow requirements of established or growing businesses and can also be raised for the sale of shares for empowerment purposes, allowing you to gain value for your shares today and grow your contract-based business in the future with enhanced procurement status based on BBBEE.


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