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One of the unfortunate realities of modern life is that, in order to be productive and successful, people tend to produce a substantial amount of waste. This is as true for the modern home as it is for businesses and industries. In order to minimise pollution and all the negative consequences that come with it, what matters is careful management of waste.

When done correctly, the process of waste management can ensure that waste is removed efficiently and disposed of in a responsible manner, with minimal impact to the environment.

At X10siv Waste Management, we understand the importance of dealing with waste better than most, and have developed many forward-thinking strategies to improve the methods by which we dispose of all kinds of unwanted refuse. As one of the major waste management companies offering our services to the greater Pietermaritzburg and Midlands area, we have a keen understanding of our responsibility to the community as well as our local environment.

X10siv is marketed and operated by Marc Adam, a logistics expert with years of experience in a wide field of transport-related services and operations. Along with partner Paul Adam, who brings his keen understanding of business management and corporate strategy to the commercial direction of the company, X10siv has gone from strength to strength since the company’s inception in 2008.

Today, we own and operate three garbage compactors, two skip loaders and four bakkies, allowing for the waste management of limited-access areas and the proper handling of recyclables. As we do not have ownership of a landfill site, there is a strong emphasis on reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill disposal, for both environmental and financial reasons.

Our Mission Statement:

At X10siv, we aim to provide the highest level of waste management service while maintaining a focus on the environmental implications of our industry. By promoting education about waste, and upholding a commitment to staying up to date with the latest standards of equipment, we strive to provide the highest service possible. We also promote a culture of strong ethics, integrity, equality, and professionalism at all levels of our business operations. Our intention is to ensure long-term prosperity to all our stakeholders as well as our client base by adhering to these principals.


AT X10siv, we understand that a variety of different needs exist with regard to the effective and responsible disposal of many different kinds of waste. Depending on the index location, the regular amount, and the type of waste itself, we strive to tailor our services to meet your specific needs, whatever they may be.

With all our services, we maintain a particular focus on reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill disposal through recycling and alternative disposal methods, reducing the impact on the environment as well as the cost of waste management in many cases.

In general, our services cover all kinds of general waste removal, including construction rubble as well as a range of natural waste. Where necessary, we are able to offer personalized and dedicated on-site management, supervised by an experienced waste management expert, to ensure the correct handling of recyclables as well as the maintenance of general site cleanliness and regular waste removal.

Some of the different types of waste management services in which we specialise include:

  • Commercial services – including common ‘wheelie bin’ collection services as well as skip disposal for applications where larger amounts of waste need to be managed on a regular basis.
  • General domestic waste management – usually including the collection of rubbish bags and the like, as well as larger quantities where applicable. Skip disposal is also available for things such as garden waste.
  • Industrial applications – both bag and skip disposal services are available depending on the type and quantity of waste to be managed regularly, as well as specialised services for potentially hazardous waste.
  • Construction waste – we offer skip disposal services for easy management of building rubble, as well as a general cleanup service for waste that is difficult to contain.
  • General cleanups – these services extend to any site that requires general waste removal, whether large or small.
  • Waste recycling – in the spirit of minimising the impact that waste can have on the environment, particularly when buried in a landfill, we make every effort to sort, recycle and reuse as much as possible. All our services are available with on-site management options, this with a view to minimising the customer’s volumes in the interest of keeping their disposal costs to a minimum.
  • Finally, our services naturally cover the responsible disposal of waste once collected from the site by means of the most appropriate disposal methods available.

X10siv operates six days a week and on most public holidays (excluding Christmas). This enables us to provide our services on a flexible time frame, and assist with the management of your waste before it starts to pile up.