Altins Recycling Ewaste

15 Claredon Street, Mount Pleasant
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
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The owner/manager of this business is requested to contact the Finance Department at Think Local urgently.

Either call 0860 111 725 or email to make arrangements to reactivate this site.


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by Anon
(29 Mar 17 @ 11:03 am)

Do not do business with this man or business or anything or anyone related to him or his business. Jurie Dirk Cornelius Erasmus/Venter from Altins / Altens / Altons / Jurniq recycling and J.A. Tipper and bakkie hire from Port Elizabeth/Eastern Cape - one person but portray himself as different persons. He doesn't pay his bills, rent, installations or anything he intend to buy, rent, install will not be paid!! He pretends to be a very successful business man. He makes false promises and come forward as a very loud person. He borrows money or ask advance money and services in advance and never deliver what service are agreed upon. He will sell anything on your premises without permission. He chooses especially vulnerable woman, married, divorced, single, separated ladies or older woman -...    Read more »

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