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by Graeme M.
(9 Aug 16 @ 11:39 pm)

Amazing Blinds assisted me at my PE Offices. Their products are stylish and gave my offices a modern look. I am pleased with their prices and services and I will definitely recommend them to all my contacts in PE.

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Amazing Blinds was started 14 years ago in 2001 as a part-time business, two years later we went over to full time. Since then we have fitted thousands of blinds and made lots of friends and have lots of regular customers.

We strive to give prompt and efficient service to everyone we deal with. To be on time and to deliver on time too. As we have 18 years experience in the blind industry and 14 years of trust in our product, we are very proud to give a two year guarantee on our blinds.

So why not give us a call and put us to the test with your next blind order?


Vertical Blinds

Our exclusive range of vertical blinds is available in a variety of colours with fairly low maintenance, removable slats that are available in wipe clean or washable fabrics. Our fabric vertical blinds continue to be popular with architects and corporate institutions because they are cheaper, functional and easy to clean. Vertical blinds create an interesting, soft, layered look in conjunction with more traditional furniture and curtains.

The customised fabric vertical blinds allow slats to be cut according to window shape, design and preferential stacking according to stylistic needs. We have a wide variety of different fabric styles and patterns available to suit any room. You are guaranteed to find the perfect fabric vertical blinds for your home or office. Our made to measure fabric vertical blinds are a great choice for hassle free fit. Custom-built fabric vertical blinds will change the appearance of your windows, turning them into the focal point of your living space.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are very versatile; apart from diffusing the light horizontally, they can retard or enhance the outdoor view into animated strips of colour.

Available In:

  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Plastic

Bamboo Blinds

Combining a classic design with style, these bamboo window blinds compliment contemporary and more classic décor. Our bamboo blinds combine beauty and the functionality of wood to create a warm, homey look. In addition to the natural charm, smart and polished look, our bamboo window blinds are built from natural materials which make them tough, lightweight and flexible. A wide array of bamboo styles and shades are available for our blinds.

Bamboo roll up blinds are a popular style because they are economical and attractive window coverings that accentuate any décor. As the name suggests they literally roll up. The slats on bamboo roll up blinds are quite thin, from matchstick to straw-like for easy rolling, with different weave patterns for varying amounts of light and privacy.

Our woven bamboo blinds tie small pieces of bamboo together or use wider, flat pieces to mimic blinds. Woven bamboo blinds are made from natural wood and bamboo which is durable, attractive and efficiently protects interiors against heat and sunlight. The pattern of our bamboo window blinds are designed with the richness of yarn or lightly laced to allow the natural beauty of fine wood and bamboo to be fully appreciated. This adds an elegant touch and a natural feel to any room.

For warmth, durability and natural beauty, bamboo is the number one choice by many. Bamboo blinds reflect a long lasting level of quality and craftsmanship that can't be duplicated, offering a unique and superior window covering.

Roller Blinds

Traditionally fabric roller blinds have been preferred for bathrooms and kitchens.

However, today's varying quality fabrics mean that roller blinds are now suitable for any room in your home or office. The different fabrics make it possible to dim-out, black-out and sponge clean with fabrics suitable for moist environments.

The extent of privacy and emphasis rests with your choice of roller blind, colour and fabric. Several of the fabrics are sheers or voiles, modern alternatives to nets or where there is minimal need for privacy.

With quality components for the operation system of our roller blinds it is easy to position at the desired point on the window. Our fabric and patterned roller blinds are easily fitted to windows with face or top brackets which offer the most compact ‘stack-back' areas with the exception of venetian blinds.

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds make a sleek and simple way of transforming your living space or workspace – they can be used to shade patio doors and large windows, or to create room dividers that are both effective and attractive.

Panel blinds are available in most bamboo and roller fabrics, and you’ll find they make a perfectly stylish way of adding light control or privacy to a room.