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Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
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BLS Medical is a client-driven company based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa with branches rapidly opening across South Africa.

Our company motto is "Where the BASICS are important!!" - This is the ethos of our company - if we miss out on the small things/ building blocks; how can we look after the big things that we are asked to handle or teach. With a solid foundation, we cannot fail ourselves and more importantly you - the client.

BLS Medical was founded in 1994, by Graham Pearson, after he identified the need for first aid training in the Port Elizabeth area after the Occupational Safety and Health Act (Act 85 of 1993) was promulgated. This act made it a legal requirement for employers to have trained first aiders in the workplace. At this time there were only 3 providers in Port Elizabeth, the SA Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance and the First Aid League.

Graham then wrote and published his own first aid manual. Once the manual was published, he registered with the Department of Labour (Registration: CI 080) as a First Aid Training School. This manual was used by both BLS Medical and Eastern Province Medical Command, where he was serving in the military. The first course was presented in November of that year.

In August 1999, after BLS Medical was asked to help at a number of sporting events, Graham approached David van der Sandt and William Sudell to join BLS Medical as partners to assist in the running of the newly created Medical Standby and Support division.

BLS Medical quickly established itself as a professional and dependable service provider with a number of contracts being secured: viz. EP Rugby, Neslon Mandela Metropolitan University and with EP Athletics and a number of their affiliate clubs.

In January 2001, the company was converted from a partnership to a closed corporation to afford some legal protection to Graham, Dave & William. BLS Medical Logo: 2009 - present

In March 2004, Graham resigned from the SANDF to run the company full time, at the same time he bought out his partners shares. BLS Medical had become a major role player and leader in First Aid Training, Medical Standby and Support at events.

In August 2006, BLS Medical expanded further with the establishment of a a 24-Hour Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency ambulance service. Its fleet consisted of 2 x medical response vehicles and 3 x ambulances, with one having 4 x 4 capabilities.

In December 2009, BLS Medical ceased its emergency response operations due to the economic climate gripping the Global & South African economies. The company continued with its two other departments of Medical Training & Medical Support.

In March 2011, BLS Medical sold its ambulance fleet and thus closed the Medical Support department .

In April 2011, BLS Medical split its Training Department into two sub-divisions to handle Basic Medical Training - First Aid & Basic Life Support (CPR) courses and Advanced Medical Training - ACLS, PALS, Wilderness EMT.

What the future brings, we do not know but BLS Medical has come full circle, after being an idea 18 years ago, and returned to its reason for being established ..... MEDICAL TRAINING


First Aid

Target Specific Training

We currently are presenting target specific first aid training to

  • Tour and Field Guides,
  • Scuba Divers,
  • Close Protection Officers (CPO) and
  • Child Care Minders.

Medical Professionals

Target Specific Training

We currently are presenting training to various medical professionals such as:

  • Biokenitikists.
  • Dentists and Oral Hygienists.
  • Medical Doctors.
  • Nursing Personnel.
  • Physiotherapists.
  • Pre-Hospital Care Practitioners (BLS, ILS and ALS).

Occupational Health & Safety / SHE

Target Specific Training

We are currently able to present the following courses (Course Matrix):

  • SHE Induction
  • Fire Awareness.