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by Elmien H.
(30 Aug 16 @ 11:46 am)

This is a top company and I am not only impressed at their service but also the state of their equipment. The company has often hired equipment with Coastal Hire as well as site ablutions and we has never gotten anything but the best. Well done on taking care of your customers!

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Where our clients are not just customers, but friends too!

Our vision 

To remain the premier brand in the tool hire industry by providing superior customer service and a wide range of well maintained equipment of excellent quality to cater for the needs of the market on a local, regional and national base.

To present uncompromising high standards by providing competent knowledgeable staff, outstanding service, fair pricing and a good range of equipment at all times.

This will grow our market share with strong supplier, customer and staff relationships.

We are proudly the country’s number one tool hire brand.

Our motto

If the building industry would be human , then we want to be the Heart of it.

Years of service to the building trade enable us to give our customers great advice and equipment that is in excellent working condition at very competitive prices.

For friendly and fast service, give us a call.

History of Coastal Hire

In 1994 Coastal Hire, or Coastal Tool hire as it was known then, opened its doors to the public. A unique concept in the market at the time, the , the main focus of the brand was to provide a hire alternative on all types of power tools, construction equipment and garden and home tools that appealed to the DIY enthusiast.

Owing to outstanding leadership and the quality of the products and services provide by Coastal Hire is an acknowledged leader in the small equipment hire industry .The numerous prestigious franchise industry awards received attest to the success of the Coastal Hire Franchise concept.

At the helm is managing Director John Harcourt-Cooke. Under his stewardship and by employing his considerable experience acquired in the franchise industry over 25 years, the brand has grown from just 16 to more than 90 outlets.

Johns extensive experience enables him to lend support in the areas of financial, legal, marketing and operational activities, assisting Coastal Hire franchisees in building successful businesses.


Construction Products

Breaking and Drilling:

  • Bosch Electric Chipper
  • Bosch Industrial Impact drill
  • Bosch Large Electric Breaker |  Bosch Medium Breaker
  • Bosch Rotary Hammer Drills 32mm SDS Plus | 40mm SDS MAX | 50mm SDS MAX
  • Earth Auger
  • Hilti TE 3000 Breaker
  • Makita Electric Chipper HM12002C
  • Makita Industrial Impact Drill
  • Makita Large Breaker | Makita Medium Breaker
  • Makita Rotary Hammer Drills | Makita Rotary Hammer Drills 32mm SDS Plus | Makita Rotary Hammer Drills 50mm SDS MAX
  • Matus Hitachi Electric Chipper
  • Matus Hitachi Industrial Drill
  • Matus Hitachi Medium Breaker
  • Matus Hitachi Rotary Hammer Drills 32mm SDS Plus | 40mm SDS MAX | 50mm SDS MAX
  • TM Floor Scarifier Petrol GX240

Compaction and Concrete:

  • 26mm, 36mm, 48mm, 60mm or 75 mm Poker
  • Concrete Mixer STD HD GX160 5HP
  • Concrete Saw 13HP GX350
  • Mayday Floor Grinder Electric
  • Mayday Power Float 1000mm GX160
  • Rammer 4-Stroke Honda GX100
  • Reversible Plate 400mm Honda GX270 | Reversible Plate 500mm Honda GX270 BPU3050A | Reversible Plate 500mm Honda GX270 DPU3050H | Reversible Plate 500mm Honda GX270 TMCR3R9 
  • Reversible Plate 500mm Robin GX270
  • Roller 700 GX390
  • Roller Attachment for Plate Compactor
  • Roller RD12 Ride-On
  • TM Concrete Mixer Springbok GX160 5HP | TM Concrete Mixer STD HD GX160 5HP 
  • TM Concrete Saw 13HP GX350 | TM Concrete Saw 18HP GX350
  • TM Drive Unit GX160
  • TM Floor Grinder Electric | TM Floor Grinder Petrol GX160 
  • TM Plate Compactor EX27 | TM Plate Compactor GX160 | TM Plate Compactor GX240 | TM Plate Compactor GX270
  • TM Power Float 1000mm GX160 | TM Power Float 700mm GX160
  • TM Roller VV600 GX390 | TM Roller VV700 GX390 | TM Roller VV700H GX390
  • Towable Concrete Mixer STD HD GX160 5HP CM25PHTFH | Towable Concrete Mixer STD HD GX160 5HP TPRIB360PHTFH
  • Wacker Plate Compactor GX270
  • Wacker Rammer BS50-2 | Wacker Rammer BS50-2i

Construction Sheds and Storage:

  • Container Hire
  • Storage Huts

Construction Toilets:

  • "Rocket" Site Toilet
  • Deluxe Site Toilet
  • Standard Site Toilet

Electrical Tools:

  • Bosch Angle Grinder 115mm | Bosch Angle Grinder 230mm 
  • Bosch Dustless Wall Chaser
  • Bosch Jigsaw
  • Bosch Orbital Sander
  • Bosch Planer
  • Bosch Skillsaw 190mm | Bosch Skillsaw 230mm
  • Makita Angle Grinder 115mm | Makita Angle Grinder 230mm
  • Makita Cut-off Machine 355mm
  • Makita Diamond Saw
  • Makita Dustless Wall Chaser
  • Makita Mitre Saw
  • Matus Hitachi Angle Grinder 115mm | Matus Hitachi Angle Grinder 230mm
  • Matus Hitachi Belt Sander
  • Matus Hitachi Jigsaw
  • Matus Hitachi Orbital Sander
  • Matus Hitachi Planer
  • Matus Hitachi Skillsaw 190mm
  • TM Dustless Wall Chaser
  • TM Floor Sander

Generators and Welding:

  • Generator 10 KVA GX610
  • Generator 5 KVA GX390
  • TM Welder Generator 180 AMP/4.2KVA 60% Duty Cycle | TM Welder Generator 180 AMP/7KVA 60% Duty Cycle

Lawn and Garden:

  • Brushcutter
  • Chainsaw


  • Electric Tile Cutter 200mm
  • Large Hand Tile Cutter
  • Mayday Electric Tile Cutter on stand 200mm
  • Small Hand Tile Cutter

Water Pumps:

  • Sludge Pump
  • Submersible Water Pump 80mm GX160
  • TM Driver Unit GX160
  • TM Submersible Water Pump 80mm GX160
  • TM Water Pump 50mm | TM Water Pump 80mm

DIY made easy:

Our unparalleled DIY Guide with easy to understand operational tips as well as the various safety precautions and requirements, for each and every tool is a must have for every operator.

In addition to the safety and instructional aspects of each tool, there are in depth "how to" techniques for various DIY tasks, from tiling to planing. Our DIY instruction booklets are available at all our outlets nationwide. Simply walk into any of our branches and pick one up.