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East Coast Pools

East Coast Pools is situated in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth at the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Established in 1988, we have earned the respect and trust of thousands of clients over the last 20 years. The only pools we install are the ones that you’d be proud to have in your home. We specialise in the installation of in ground pools. We’ll work with layout of your home and plot taking the architectural style of your home into consideration to create a pool that fits your lifestyle.

Enhance your home’s style and increase the property value for years to come with the installation of a pool. Your new pool will definately transform your outdoor living space, affording you another area to rest, relax and entertain as well as to enjoy endless days of sun, fun and leisure.

At East Coast pools, we do it all, from repairs of cracks, equipment to the installation of pools and a wide variety of pool related equipment and add-ons. We take the hassle out of owning a pool or installing related equipment for your pool all year round. We use only the finest products from manufacturers that you’ve come to trust. Our pools conform to NSPI (National Spa and Pool Institute) quality regulations and specifications.

East Coast Pools, for all of your pool needs; we guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the level of service you’ll receive. Contact one of our agents for a free quotation now.

East Coast Blinds

We are situated in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth at the Eastern Cape of South Africa. East Coast Blinds endeavours to provide the largest range of high quality, affordable blinds in the Eastern Cape. You will have a choice of various blinds with which to improve and enhance your home or office.

As one of Port Elizabeth's largest and longest established Blind manufacturers and retailers we use our buying power to negotiate the lowest possible prices from our suppliers. The saving we negotiate is then filtered down to our customers. Bearing in mind that you will be receiving an exceptional product and service.

Enhance your home or office's style and increase the property value for years to come with the installation of a professional blind system. Your new blinds will definitely transform your indoor living space, affording you with ample space and natural light to relax, rest, and entertain in. Simply draw the blinds for those more intimate and private moments. Our products can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual clients needs.

East Coast Electrical

East Coast Electrical is situated in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth at the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Founded in 1986, we have been the preferred electrical services provider to some of the biggest companies the country has to offer. We have also partnered with other contractors on installations as far abroad as South America.

The Company has the infrastructure for delivering expert advice and superior service in the electrical field including domestic, commercial, industrial installations and automation, Body Shop Installations as well as General Associated Engineering.

You are welcome to contact us for more information.

East Coast Electrical: "Superior Skill, Superior Products, the Service you Deserve."


East Coast Pools

Pool Installations

  • Includes: Gunnite / Chip tile, Fibreglass Lining, Super flex Paint

Pool Repairs

  • Includes: Weirs and water inlets, Water features, Acid washing,  Mosaics and copings,

Swimming Pool Equipment Repairs

  • Includes: Pumps, Filters, Pipes and connections, All mechanical repairs, Free expert advice by phone

Other Pool Services

  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Pool Decking Repairs 
  • Automatic Cleaner Installations 
  • Pool Heater Installations 
  • Pool Product Delivery 
  • Safety Cover Installation 
  • Sauna installations (custom built) 
  • Steam generators 
  • Water features

East Coast Blinds

  • Blind Manufacturing
  • Blind Repairs 
  • Blind installations 
  • Custom made blinds 
  • Re-manufacturing 
  • Spares and Accesories

Additional Services:

  • Window Awnings 

Our door and window canopies are an easy and practical solution to weatherproof doors and windows from rain and sun, at the same time improving the aesthetic look of your home / building. Our awnings are suitable for all residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 

  • Security Gates (Custom fit to your requirements.)

The following are available: Expandable Doors, Windows, Fixtures, Burglar Proofin, Roller Bearings, Slam-lock, Remote optional, Elegant design

East Coast Electrical

  • Design and installation of automated systems
  • Industrial electrical installations and repairs 
  • Commercial electrical installations and repairs 
  • Residential installations and repairs 
  • Construction and supply of electrical components 
  • Body Shop Installations 
  • General associated engineering
  • The installation of field devices, wire ways and cabling 
  • Terminations, programming and commissioning 
  • As built documentation 
  • Manufacture and installation of PLC control panels 
  • Installation of power and lighting points 
  • Installation of High Tention (HT) transformers and switch gear 
  • Installations of earth mats 
  • Factory installation refurbishments 
  • Supply and installation of security lighting and hinge masts