EnviroMan Recycling

SmithTown Industrial, Near Cob Creek
Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape
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by Olivia
(23 Feb 17 @ 9:22 am)

My family are very environmentally conscious, and I think the EnviroMan is doing a great job for the region. Please people, do your part for the environment, the next generation will thank you and will continue the tradition as it becomes a habit, and the world will be a cleaner place for our children's children...

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EnviroMan is a recycling company based in Jeffreys Bay, in the Kouga region. We recycle cans, cardboard, glass paper and plastic. We have recycling bins situated in Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp and Paradise Beach.

Enviroman is a BEE environmental management business with people that have the necessary skills to provide a workers one-stop service in the Eastern Cape Province. The business was initiated and started in 2008 as an environmental management company.

Our vision is to be the leader in sustainable environmental best practices in South Africa.

Our mission is to provide responsible and accountable environmental management solutions to public and private sector through waste management, skills training and consultancy.

EnviroMan has a young and dynamic team with a wealth of technical expertise and theoretical understanding. Our service delivery philosophy is based on our uncompromising belief in the embodiment of environmental ethics.



  • Glass bottles such as wine bottles, jam jars, sauce and spice bottles.
  • Lids can be left on but jars must be clean inside.
  • It does not matter if they have labels on them.


  • Beverage cans: such as cool drink and beer cans.
  • These can be crushed if preferred or left as they are for collection.

Food cans

  • Labels do not need to be removed.

Paint cans

  • Aerosol cans / spray cans
  • Must be empty of paint

Paper & Cardboard

  • White paper:  Includes computer printouts, white printer paper or writing paper.
  • Confidential documents.
  • Cardboard: Includes clean printed or unprinted corrugated (brown) cardboard cartons, boxes or sheets, porridge boxes.
  • Newspaper, magazines, Tetrapak boxes: (milk and fruit juice boxes) 


We can take all kinds of plastic. Here are some examples:

  • Plastic containers such as cool drink and water bottles, cleaning product bottles, milk bottles.
  • Soft or non-crackly wrapping plastics like grocery bags, food packaging, bread, fruit and vegetable bags, sandwich bags.
  • Ice cream, yogurt and feta cheese tubs.
  • Clean cling wrap, pallet wrap.
  • Garden hose pipes, irrigation pipes, plastic used for tunnels, around silage etc.
  • Plastic items such as garden chairs, drainpipes, buckets
  • 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25L plastic containers
  • Plates, knives and forks.