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by Olivia
(23 Mar 17 @ 3:19 pm)

They helped me to learn how to fire a gun. I was really happy. I need to be safe these days as it's a far drive in to town

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Firearm Competency Assessment & Training Center (FCATC) is accredited with SASSETA as a training provider and also with SAPS as a training institution.

Our shooting facilities meet with the standards required by the SABS and accredited by SAPS. FCATC was established to bring about accredited, quality firearm training/assessment in terms of the Firearms Control Act 2000, (Act 60 of 2000) to both the Security Industry and general public.

This legislation requires every person who owns or possesses a firearm to obtain a competency certificate. A competency certificate is required for re-licensing of an existing firearm licence and licensing of new firearms.

We have branches countrywide and established strategic alliances with other accredited training providers and assessors and are positioned to bring our services to your area.


Firearm owners and persons possessing firearms in South Africa have recently been confronted with the introduction of new firearm legislation namely the Firearms Control Act 2000, (Act 60 of 2000). The Act aims to license not only firearms, but also firearm owners, with the main emphasis on responsible firearm ownership that amongst others, requires a person to obtain a competency certificate before he/she may apply for a firearm license or possess a firearm. The South African Police Services have, in order to comply with the Act, adopted the SAQA process, which is an outcome, based, occupational directed training model based upon the principles of the NQF and is learner paced.

Applicants requiring a competency certificate must register for the corresponding unit standard with a SASSETA accredited training provider. A successful applicant will be issued with a training certificate (proficiency certificate) and may apply to the SAPS for a competency certificate. The SAPS will conduct background checks to ensure that the applicant is a fit and proper person. This will include taking of fingerprints and making enquiries with persons such as spouse and neighbors. The SAPS may then issue a competency certificate which is valid for a period running concurrently with the corresponding firearm license or date indicated thereon.

We offer training/assessment in the following qualifications:

  • SAQA ID 22490 General Security Practices
  • SAQA ID 58577 General Security Practices
  • SAQA ID 58696 Close Protection

For a full list of our qualification certificates, please visit our website.