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Servicing Cacadu
Based in Humansdorp, Eastern Cape
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JJ Kleynhans Transport is a South African based family owned transport company that provides furniture, household, office and vehicle relocation services.

Our family value reflects in our commitment to well-organized and pleasant service. As a private transporter, we understand the essential value surrounding your furniture and the care that should be taken with your family belongings.

Our vehicles are equipped with necessary blankets to protect your furniture. Furnishing, mattresses and upholstered items should be wrapped in plastic covers to prevent unnecessary scratches. All valuable items should be bubble wrapped to protect them from scratch marks.

Insurance can be arranged. It is very important that you have adequate insurance cover based on current replacement value. This is optional and not included in our standard quote.

Moving can be a traumatic task. Our experienced family team will assist you with everything you need for safe and easy furniture removal.


Inventory Items

  • It is important to be accurate in compiling your inventory list.
  • All items that require transportation must be indicated on your inventory list.
  • Please inform us of any changes on your inventory list in advance as it will ensure the appropriate planning will be made.
  • All changes must be made in writing and sent to us via Email or sms.
  • Only items indicated on your inventory will be transported.
  • Adjustment to your inventory will require a new quote.
  • All items must be of a nature that 2 men must be able to carry and load it. Fragile packed cartons must be clearly marked.

Entrance to Property

  • The accessibility of your property is of extremely important.
  • Access the accessibility of your premises and indicate it clearly on the inventory list.
  • Things to look for are as follows; trees & branches, width and tonnage restrictions.
  • Please consult your body corporate and arrange for suitable parking for the removal truck.
  • Please notify us prior to the move, if any uncertainty arises about access to your premises.
  • If the distance from our vehicle to your door exceed 25 meters there will be cost implications, calculated on the size of the load and the distance your goods should be carried.
  • Please note that we can only give an estimated time of arrival and may vary between 14h00 to 15h00.


  • Please ensure that everything is disconnected prior to the move.
  • Everything must be properly packed and boxed by the time the vehicle arrives.
  • All owner packed cartons must be properly sealed with adhesive tape.
  • Please ensure that all items listed on the inventory list are loaded prior to the departure of the vehicle as we cannot return.
  • Neither JJ Kleynhans Transport nor staff members will in any way be held responsible for damages of any kind NOT covered by relevant insurance.


  • Credit Cards / Cheques:  We regret we do NOT accept cheques, cheque deposits or Credit Cards.
  • Cash - Prior to on loading to the driver.
  • Internet Transfer - Proof of payment to be mailed or handed over prior to loading.
  • Minimum one day prior to your move Invoices must be paid prior to offloading; if not, goods will be taken to storage and redelivered at a date & time convenient for JJ Kleynhans Transport.
  • Note that all storage and redelivery costs will be charged.


  • Only accepted 72 Hours prior to the move – will be accepted.
  • Cancellation fee - 50%