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by Think Local
(6 Oct 16 @ 2:41 pm)

To start this business off with a well-deserved review, we at Think Local decided to go first. In the time we have done business with NJR Steel, Think Local has found this business to be of high calibre that has a good reputation locally. With this backdrop, we recommend their services, not as a customer of theirs in this case, but as a supplier who believes their business ethics are a strong indicator of the quality of service members of the public could expect. We thank them for their support and wish them every success.

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The beginning

NJR Steel was founded in 1980 by Nigel John Riley. Its first subsidiary, Northern Steel and Pipe, opened its doors in Samcor Park, Pretoria East. Since then, NJR Steel has significantly grown its capacity to serve its customers, and currently has branches in Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West Province and KwaZulu-Natal.

Growth strategy

Over the years, NJR Steel’s growth strategy has been focused on both organic and acquisitive growth. Acquisitive growth has involved the purchase of several associated and aligned steel businesses, thereby creating a solid platform for further expansion. The group’s extensive network of branches, range of products, stock-holding, delivery fleet and value-added services ensures that it is well- positioned to consistently offer its customers high levels of support and service at the right price.

Social development and BEE

As part of its social development programme, NJR Steel has supported the Seeds of Africa skills development project for many years and will continue to help previously disadvantaged communities in the future. NJR Steel is committed to achieving a tangible BEE status, addressing issues such as ownership, employment, development and procurement.

The partnership is being facilitated through the formation of a new company, Khuthala Steel (Pty) Ltd, which includes shareholding for some of our staff, and embraces skills development and preferential procurement. Khuthala Steel (Pty) Ltd is currently rated as a Level 4 BEE company.

Vision and mission

Our vision and mission are to be recognised as a leading supplier of steel products and value-added solutions in selected markets within Africa, and to gain an in-depth understanding of our customers’ real needs, thereby transforming supply relationships into mutually beneficial partnerships.

Contact your nearest branch directly for products and services you may require.

Please use the contact form to the right if you have any general enquiries, questions or requests concerning our services.


Roof Sheet Cut to Size - Flat Products & Roofing | IBR Sheeting, Corrugated, Chromadek and More:

NJR Steel branches stock a wide range of flat products. These products are generally sold to truck, body and trailer manufacturers, merchants, expanded metal fabricators and racking and shelving manufacturers, to name a few.

NJR Steel stocks a full range of base plates and can order base plates cut to size to suit any application. Our standard base plates are available in thicknesses of 1,6-16,0 mm.

We also stock 6 m long flat bar in widths of 12-100 mm and thicknesses of 3 mm, 2,7 mm, 2,5 mm and 2 mm. We can order non-standard sizes up to and including 4,5 mm in thickness for applications such as trellis doors, burglar proofing, grating, and engineering applications. We also stock a wide range of roofing products which are readily available in all our branches and consist of corrugated, Widespan, and IBR steel roofing profiles with thicknesses ranging from 0,25-0,58 mm. These products are supplied to roofing contractors, merchants, low-cost housing developments and the DIY markets.

All steel roofing solutions are available in a galvanized finish or various Chromadek® colours. Chromadek® cut-to-length facilities can accommodate 0,5-6,0 mm thicknesses and 925-1500 mm widths. We offer cranking and bullnosing services for IBR and Widespan to ensure profiles are manufactured to your specifications. NJR Steel-Flat Products (Pty) Ltd have draftsmen available to calculate and supply a bill of quantities on CAD.

Corrugated steel roof sheeting is a strong and affordable solution to residential, industrial and commercial roofing requirements, and offers the benefits of being simultaneously more durable and more recyclable than any other roof sheeting on the market. The industry favours three common profiles: corrugated iron, IBR and Widespan.

Contrary to its name, corrugated iron is a steel roofing sheet, and has a classic S-rib profile. Inverted Box Rib (IBR) has a square fluted profile, and is currently the most popular corrugated roofing sheet, given its high strength-to-weight ratio, optimal loadspan consistency and effective drainage. Widespan’s profile is similar to that of IBR, but has broader and shallower flutes to maximise coverage and reduce construction cost.

Special Sheet:

NJR Steel branches stock a broad range of sheet steel - thin, flat steel with a thickness of 6,0 mm or less. Sheet steel is used in a wide range of industries including fabrication, automotive, construction, domestic, electronic, and many more, and can be bent, cut or welded into countless shapes (e.g. boxes and enclosures).

Steel Tubes and Pipes - Round, Square, Rectangular and More:

Steel piping and tubing have a variety of uses in the automotive, plumbing, conveyance, scaffolding, construction, marine, chemical, fuel, appliance and manufacturing industries – to name a few. Structural hollow sections are especially popular in construction as they resist buckling loads more effectively than solid sections and a yield high strength-to-mass ratio and flexural and torsional stiffness. Stainless steel tubing is typically used in applications that require rust and corrosion resistance.

NJR Steel supplies hot-rolled round, square and rectangular tubing, cold-rolled round tubing, galvanised tubing, tested conveyance tubing and drawn pipe.

Free Delivery Services:

We offer a friendly and efficient delivery service. Our ‘hands on’ approach allows us to fine-tune vehicle utilisation on a daily basis. With our fleet of more than 130 vehicles (with a payload capacity ranging from 1 to 28 tons), we are able to deliver over 1200 tons per day.

Most branches offer a free delivery service within a 50km radius, and will even deliver to your home. Deliveries are accurate and timely as they are overseen by management and coordinated with input from all interested parties.

Fencing Solutions & Installation

NJR Steel branches offer customers access to our range of De-Fence fencing products. These include high security and medium security perimeter fencing products and a range of custom made gates and fencing accessories. We also offer our customers installations and on site visits for quotation purposes. Trust NJR Steel to accommodate all your perimeter security needs, from sourcing and manufacturing to installation.

Steel Cut to Length Services

NJR Steel branches offer on-site cut-to-length services and our trained staff will ensure that each order is loaded swiftly and safely onto our customers’ vehicles. This enables us to minimise off-cuts and accommodate customers at short notice. Our de-coil and cut-to-length facilities can cut hot-rolled, cold-rolled, Chromadek® and galvanised materials with thicknesses of 0,5-6,0 mm into 925-1500 mm wide sections.


  • Agriculture
  • Civils
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Hardware & Building Merchants
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Security
  • Signage
  • Truck & Trailer


  • Flat Bar
  • Steel Plates
  • Reinforcing Bars
  • Reinforcing Mesh
  • Flat Products & Roofing
  • Palisade Fencing
  • Wire Products

Other Products:

  • Structural Steel Sections
  • Sheet & Plate
  • Tubing
  • Expanded Metal, Grating & Walkway Mesh
  • Flat Products & Roofing
  • Fencing
  • Reinforcing & Mesh
  • Paint
  • Hardware