Nutri-Med Earth Matters

"your natural choice"
Amberglo Farm no.25, D292
Merrivale, KwaZulu-Natal
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by Think Local
(3 Oct 16 @ 2:46 pm)

To start this business off with a well-deserved review, we at Think Local decided to go first. In the time we have done business with Nutri-Med Earth Matters, Think Local has found this business to be of high calibre that has a good reputation locally. With this backdrop, we recommend their services, not as a customer of theirs in this case, but as a supplier who believes their business ethics are a strong indicator of the quality of service members of the public could expect. We thank them for their support and wish them every success.

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Mission Statement

To promote health in the soil and all it's products for a greener, more colourful environment.

Using compost as mulch, in the soil or as potting media is beneficial in many ways.

Compost contains a full spectrum of essential plant nutrients. You can test the nutrient levels in your compost and soil to find out what other supplements it may need for specific plants.

Some of the facts and benefits of compost:

  • Compost contains macro and micronutrients often absent in synthetic fertilizers.
  • It releases nutrients slowly - over months or years, unlike synthetic fertilizers.
  • Compost enriched soil retains fertilizers better. Less fertilizer runs off to pollute waterways.
  • Compost also buffers the soil, neutralizing both acid & alkaline soils, bringing pH levels to the optimum range for nutrient availability to plants.
  • Compost helps bind clusters of soil particles, called aggregates, which provide good soil structure. Such soil is full of tiny air channels & pores that hold air, moisture and nutrients.
  • Compost helps sandy soil retain water and nutrients.
  • Compost loosens tightly bound particles in clay or silt soil so roots can spread, water drain & air penetrate.
  • Compost alters soil structure, making it less likely to erode, and prevents soil spattering on plants—spreading disease.
  • Compost can hold nutrients tight enough to prevent them from washing out, but loosely enough so plants can take them up as needed.
  • Compost makes any soil easier to work.
  • Compost brings and feeds diverse life in the soil. These bacteria, fungi, insects, worms and more support healthy plant growth.


We are a local, family run business supplying local landscapers and gardeners with compost and pine bark as well as enriched topsoil. Delivery is included in our prices and bulk discounts are available.

Our Nutri Multi-Mix  is a perfect blend of chicken and horse manure, mill material and topsoil which can be used for:

  • Lawns
  • Flowers
  • Planting
  • and Trees


07 Sep 16
Bulk Discounts
07 Sep 16