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by Tatiana B.
(30 Aug 16 @ 4:01 pm)

I highly recommend Rent-a-Painter. They did a beautiful number on my home. They really have a skilled team on their side and they work very fast. My home looks brand new inside and now outside too. Thank you for all your hard work.

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Rent-A-Painter is a family run company with branches in Gauteng and now in the Western Cape, operating along the garden route between George and Plettenberg Bay. We specialise in painting, waterproofing and damp proofing and since opening in 1996, we have become a household name in residential, industrial and commercial restorations. We have successfully completed in excess of 3000 projects, with references available on request.

Our Mission

Rent-A-Painter prides itself on its professional service from quoting to the completion of the project, this has been the backbone of the company since opening in 1996. We know how valuable our clients’ time is and it has always been our mission to provide a fast, efficient and pain free quoting service.

We have the Western Cape covered!

Should you require any further information regarding our services, or simply need advice regarding our products, then please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email or through our online contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Internal and external wall coatings

  • Cement bases coatings
  • Acrylic based coatings
  • Enamel based coatings

All Plaster Finishes

  • From steel floated finishes to Spanish plaster

Roof Coatings

  • Tiled roofs
  • Corrugated iron roofs
  • Concrete slab roofs

Floor Coatings

  • Hi Build epoxy
  • Acrylic based coatings
  • Alkyd based coatings
  • Cement based coatings


  • Bitumen based torch on systems

Damp Proofing

  • Rising dam
  • Lateral damp
  • Penetration damp

Steel Coatings

  • IBR sheeting
  • Chromo-dek
  • I Beams
  • Palisade fencing

Timber Coatings

  • Wooden decking
  • Timber door and window frames

Preparation & Painting of Walls:

  • Preparation

Preparation is key critical to any successful painting job and over the years we have developed and perfected our preparation system. Many previously painted surfaces are in poor condition this is evident when paint is peeling and surfaces are chalking or powdering.

  • Hydro-Washing

The first step is to remove surface contamination and peeling paint, we achieve this by hydro-washing the surface using a high pressure washer.

  • Inspection

After hydro-washing, the surface is then inspected and if we find that the plaster is loose or hollow we then remove the plaster.

  • Crack Filling

After the loose paint and plaster has been removed then the real preparation begins.

We don’t use polyfiller to fill cracks because it is gypsum or lime based and softens back when coming into contact with water and then causes paint to peel.

Instead we fill cracks using a cement based filling compound mixed with saflex which is a latex based adhesive liquid, this ensures that the surface is firm and non-friable.

  • Skimming

After the cracks have been filled, very often the surface becomes uneven due to patching the old plaster with new plaster (differing densities in plaster). Where necessary we skim the entire surface using a thin layer of Deco-skim (cement based skimming compound) this is to achieve a more uniform finish.

  • Primer

The next step is to apply one coat of pigmented plaster primer or bonding liquid to newly filled/skimmed areas this is to prime the surface, prior to painting.

  • Top Coat

Now it’s time to apply the top coat! Colour selection is always a difficult choice to make, that’s why we ask our clients to go to their nearest paint shop and select three or four colour swatches. When selecting colours never make your final choice off the swatches, because these are computer generated colours, it always differs to the actual paint and lighting etc. also plays a big part. That is why we mix up actual paint samples and do brush outs for our clients, so they have an accurate idea of how the colour will look.