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SA’s Unique Home Finance Provider – What Makes SA Home Loans Unique?

SA Home Loans is a mortgage finance provider with no other interests to distract us from our dedicated purpose: to offer the best in every service associated with being a home loan provider. These services cover the full spectrum of home ownership and home financing – from origination and credit approval through to registration and ongoing loan servicing. The company was launched to South African home owners in February 1999 and is today a proven entrepreneurial success story, having originated well over 100 000 residential loans in under a decade.

In these short years, against formidable competitors, we have grown to become the country’s fifth largest home loans provider.

Our Mission in Property Financing – Providing a Fresh Approach to Home Loans

To continue to provide an original and creative approach to home finance through running an innovative and energetic business that helps our customers take charge of their finances.

To make SA Home Loans the uncontested consumer champion, with a range of competitively-priced products related to home buying, delivered with integrity and superlative service.

To give our employees growth opportunities and our investors and shareholders secure and consistent returns.

To continue to grow and enhance our unique brand of property financing through professionalism, flair, teamwork and individual accountability.

Service Beyond the Norm – We Treat Our Mortgage Loan Clients as Our Partners

Because we appreciate that our home buyers are the reason for our business, we nurture our relationship as a very special partnership with each and every one. To this end we focus our attention on:

  • Caring enough to find out what the unique needs are of each client.
  • Being passionate about delivering excellence every step of the way, throughout our business relationship.
  • Maintaining service and follow-through that do not fall short of amazing service.
  • Making sure your home loan is working for you, giving you maximum utility and meeting your lifestyle needs.

Transparency and Care – Your Home Loan is not a Hidden and Locked-in Asset

In every aspect of our dealings with you, SA Home Loans is totally open and transparent: there are no hidden charges, no fine print to hide behind in the future, no unpleasant surprises. Every query and each question is answered openly and honestly.

What Makes Us Different?

SA Home Loans offers a fresh alternative for home buyers. We’re mortgage specialists who are 100% focused on offering you home financing that stays in tune with your changing needs.

We’re not a Bank

We have a distinctly non-bank approach to doing business. We’re flexible, approachable and service orientated. We pioneered a new way of providing home loans: we link you directly to the money markets and pass the savings on to you.

We’re not a Mortgage Originator

Mortgage Originators are simply intermediaries who operate like brokers. They source home loan offers from financial institutions that pay them a fee for finding new clients. We provide you with the home loan directly.

We’re risk-free, innovative Mortgage Specialists

At SA Home Loans we do things differently because we’re not a bank – we’re a specialist mortgage provider. It’s all we do. We take the time to find out your needs, we’ll come to you, and take all the hassle out of mortgage finance. We work with you to find the right product options for your needs. Plus we offer handy home products such as rate protection, home owner’s cover and bond protection cover.

Individulised, Amazing Service

We know that starting a mortgage, switching your bond or accessing funds can be a pain. We make it easy, and our specialist consultants will guide you and work with you all the way.

Our Customer Ethos – Our focus is on a relationship that is based on:

  • Attending to the individual needs of each client
  • A passion to deliver excellence every step of the way
  • Amazing service and follow-through on our promises
  • Making sure your home loan is giving you maximum utility and meeting your lifestyle

Transparency and Care

We are totally open and transparent in all our dealings. There is no fine print, no hidden charges and no unpleasant surprises.

Choose how to deal with us

Telephone – Our Sales Contact Centre consultants are available on 0860 2 4 6 8 10 from 8am – 5:00pm weekdays.

Email us at

Face to face at a branch nearest you – or even at your home or office.

Flexibility of Products

SA Home Loans is the specialist mortgage provider offering the home loan that’s ideal for you now, plus the flexibility to change as your needs change. What you need, when you need it.

Flexible product options – tailored for you

Flexible products – our product range offers a variety of interest rate structures, equity access products and risk management products. Tailored around you – we structure your home loan to suit your needs. When your needs change, we adjust the home loan for you.

Adaptability to Home Owner’s Needs

We make it easy for you to adapt your home loan to your financial needs without incurring any penalties or additional costs.

A perfect home financing option for every stage in your life

Think for a moment about the financing decisions you may be facing over the next 5 to 10 years: from managing your day-to-day cash flow to paying for a home renovation or kids’ education. How you structure your home loan can help you manage your financial challenges and maximise the accumulation of wealth through your property. We can assist you to understand the best options for you.

What can we do for you?

Get lower bond repayments – unlock equity in your property

By refinancing your home loan, you can take advantage of the growth in the market value of your property – you can apply for a larger home loan at a more competitive interest rate.

Get individualized service – to suit you

You choose how you prefer to deal with us – by phone, face to face or via the internet and email. We’ll even come directly to you. And we always follow through with amazing service making sure that your home loan is giving you maximum utility and meeting your lifestyle needs.

Get the best loan rate– just for you

Are you getting the best home loan rate right now? Our pricing is transparent – we’ll give you our best rate possible and work out how to structure your mortgage to get the maximum equity from your property.

History Of SA Home Loans


The launch of SA Home Loans to the South African public in February 1999 was perfect timing. Interest rates at 23.5% were at an all time high and ‘saving money’ was top of mind for cash-strapped South Africans. SA Home Loans introduced a dramatically-discounted rate of 19.6%, offering consumers a stupendous alternative.

By 2001 competitors began to take SA Home Loans seriously and, to defend their shrinking market share, were forced to reduce their rates considerably. This created a healthy, competitive environment in home loan financing from which buyers are still benefiting.

In 2003 when the banks’ prime rate dropped from 17% to 11.5%, SA Home Loans ended the year at an all-time low of 9.5% – the first home financing company to offer rates below 10% in over 22 years!

Another major marketing breakthrough occurred in 2005 when SA Home Loans pioneered another first – VariFix, a 20-year fixed rate home loan which can see rates can go down, but never up! This is unique in the world.

While low rates were an initial priority, resulting in rewarding inroads into the market and, more interestingly, significant ‘switching’ of mortgages, SA Home Loans recognised the real need of home buyers to be treated with the respect and attention they deserve.

Buyers resented being regarded as ‘a number’ and made to feel they needed to beg for finance. Providing complementary home loan products such as insurance and bridging finance, and superlative, personal, service became an equal priority. Unlike those who pay lip-service to that overworked phrase ‘we care’, SA Home Loans genuinely cares about its clients. 


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