Sanlam Life Limited

Bank/Financial Institution Kouga Branch
59 Voortrekker weg, Da Gamaweg 90, Humansdorp SP1
Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape
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by Elmien H.
(9 Aug 16 @ 12:13 pm)

Sanlam has been handling my retirement fund as well as long term investments. I am so impressed at how I have been treated over the last 2 years. I think this was the best decision I have ever made.

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As leaders in the creation and protection of wealth, Sanlam has the opportunity to make a positive difference. Ours is a heritage of believing that everyone and everything can be worth more, and from this comes a sincere desire to help people live their best possible lives.

What we do goes above and beyond expertise, insight or intelligence. Ours in an approach that embraces an underlying ethos of respect for what we are entrusted with as a financial partner. It’s a respect for our clients’ money, but also for what went into earning it and what can be made of it. We see ourselves as stewards of a life’s work and don’t take this lightly. We’re committed to creating lasting value and determined to do what we do very, very well.

We are Wealthsmiths

Sanlam Life Insurance Limited is a Licensed Financial Services Provider and a Registered Credit Provider.


Sanlam’s vision is to be the leader in wealth creation and protection in South Africa, leading that process in emerging markets and playing a niche role in developed markets.



  • Insurance
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement
  • Investments
  • Wealth


  • SMEs
  • Proffessionals
  • Start-ups
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  • Insurance
  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement
  • Investments
  • EFTs


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