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Sedgefield, Western Cape
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Quality workmanship and service excellence

We have been in Sedgefield for 23 years and have completed a number of houses in and around Sedgefield, in timber and brick.

We try for perfection, and we are almost there. We specialize in timber construction, which is our main line, and we also build in cement and brick which has the same high standards and quality finishing.

We have a perfect track record. We have a staff consisting of carpenters, bricklayers, semi-skilled labourers and myself. We specialize in personal control and attention to detail. We guarantee personal supervision and quality control.


Timber Fastening Devices

All timber fastening devices used on the floor construction and panels are engineered designs.

Gryptite connector plates are designed for a wide range of applications in timber joinery such as splicing, restraining end splitting in timber or where a strong connection is required. All plates are galvanised. Truss Hangers provide a secure means of support to connect beams, joints or trusses. The load bearing capacity is 4.23 kN when nailed and stronger if bolted. All truss hangers, bolts and nails are galvanised.

The Cyclone Clip is a galvanised steel framing anchor designed for the connection of structural timber members to each other at right-angles. The cyclone clip is attached by galvanised coach screws or bolts. The clips are used in pairs diagonally opposed when possible and a pair can carry a load of 1,5 kN. Bracing Strap is a galvanised steel strip 25 mm x 1,0 mm which is used extensively for cross bracing frames or bracing roof trusses during erection.

All nails are galvanised steel ring shanked for extra grip and are used in various sizes and various applications and are driven in pneumatically. All screws are galvanised steel Pozi-drive screws and are driven in mechanically. All bolts, nuts, washers and coach bolts are galvanised steel fixed through pre-drilled holes.


  • How durable are timber houses?

There are many examples of timber houses lasting for hundreds of years, and with modern treatments this certainly holds true today.

  • What about maintenance?

With houses that have a natural finish, we recommend an annual coating of a water repellant that protects the timber from moisture penetration, and UV rays. This is cheap and easy to apply. Often we paint our houses, and if a fibre cement board is used, repainting will probably only be necessary after five years.

  • What about the fire hazard?

The CSIR and SABS have spent much time and money sitting up a code of practice for timber frame building viz. SABS 082. Timber homes must have the same fire rating as is required for a brick house. Since we use 6mm ceiling board, our fire rating is better than many "conventional houses" with ceilings of only 6mm.

  • Can one have a fireplace in a timber house?

Yes, most certainly one can. These can be of brick or the less expensive freestanding type.

We Draw Up The Best Projects


Timber used in our units is of the best quality Pinus Radiata slow grown in the Southern Cape Region of South Africa. The timber is milled, kiln dried, graded and treated in very strict accordance with the Southern African Bureau of Standards Codes of practice.

All the timber used is V4 or M4 grade or higher. All board for flooring and cladding is of the highest grade, all to SABS specifications and fixed to all manufacturers recommendations.


The treatment of all timber is the waterborne type Copper-Chrome-Arsenate (CCA), and is used because of its characteristic chemical binding with the timber structure, which prevents leeching out after treatment, once the timber is dried.


All external wall panels and roof area in insulated against heat/cold with a waterproof Sisalation reflective foil membrane. The building frame can act as a thermal bridge, particularly in cold climates, conducting heat and allowing it to bypass otherwise effective insulation.


All roof trusses and bracing are engineered designs taking the most adverse high wind and loading conditions into account. The roof covering is to be fixed strictly in accordance to engineer's designs and building practices.

Standard Specifications

In accordance with SABS Code of Practice 082 - 1988


  • Suspended Floor

T&G FLOORING ON 220 X 38 s.a.Pine joists at 400mm c/c on 70 x 220 S.A

Pine bearers on 200 round mishend poles. S.A. Pine columns is 600 x 600 x 800mm deep holes on 600 x 600 x 80 thick concrete slab. Steel rod in the c/c as an ancer pin and Zocasion pine.

  • Solid Floor

20mm Cement screed on 20 MPA concrete 100mm thick on 250 Micron DPC and sheet mesh on well compacted fill.

220mm Foundation walls on 500 x 230 concrete strip footings.


  • External Walls

22mm S.A. Pine weatherboard or 38mm half log weatherboard cladding on 35 x 110 S.A.

Pine framework with studs at 400 c/c with waterproof insulation membrane between cladding and framework.

  • Internal Walls

35 x 70 S.A. Pine framework studs at 600 c/c with 12.7mm rhinoboard cladding on both sides.

  • Ceilings

6.4mm rhinoboard on 38 x 38 x S.A. Pine branding at 400 c/c with M-strips at junction of sheets and 76mm coved Rhino cornice.

  • Roof and Rainwater Disposal

"Big Six" asbestos sheets on 50 x 76 S.A. Pine purling at 1.200 c/c on prefabricated trusses at max. 1.200 c/c on 38 x 114 wall plates Marley or equal PVC gutters.


Double Roman cement tiles on 38 x 38 S.A. Pine battens at 320mm c/c with PVC undertile on prefabricated trusses at max. 720 c/c on 38 x 114 wall plates. Marley or equal PVC gutters and downpipes.

  • Windows

Alpha Omega or equal Meranti windows as per plan.

  • Pelmets

Aluminum curtain tracks above all windows and glass doors

  • Doors and Frames

Interior: Pine hollowcore doors in 70 x 70 x S.A. Pine frames with two lever locks and 100mm brass butts.

Exterior: Meranti doors in 90 X 55 Meranti frames with sill with three lever locks and 100mm brass butts.

  • Floor Covering

Novilon to kitchen and bathroom floors. Balance as per plan. 22 x 76mm S.A.Pine skirting or Ceramic Tiles on a light weight cement floor.

  • Wall Covering

Tiles to 1.400 height to bathroom. 2m high to shower. Wall covering above kitchen sink / or as per plan.

  • Painting

Two coats Vadek Exterior Wood Sheen or equal external woodwork.

Three coats PVA to Rhino ceilings

Three coats acrylic to interior Rhinoboard finishes

  • Plumbing and Drainage

Bath: 1.800 Acrylic white with "Cobra" star pattern taps

W.C: White ceramic closecouples suite with double flap seat.

Basins: Acrylic white with "Cobra" star pattern taps u/w stopcock with rose and showerarm with standard 900 x 900 acrylic showertray. Sink: Stainless steel double sink.

Geyser: 200 litre Geyser - 400 KPA

  • Electrical Installation

As per plan

  • Cupboards

As per plan

  • Glazing

Clear glass to all windows. Obscure glass to bathroom windows.

  • Municipal Fees

ALL Municipal connection -, scrutiny -, and service fees are for the account of the Owner.