Skippers Fast Foods

The Home of Traditional Fish & Chips
Shop 1, 48 Commercial Road, CBD
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal
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by Suzan P.
(16 Nov 16 @ 2:40 pm)

Love it here. Will definitely come back for more fish and chips!!!! The people are friendly and as Geoff said below, the portions are large and it's good value for money...

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by Tanya S.
(16 Nov 16 @ 2:37 pm)

Friday night go to spot for me and my and chips is fresh and divine. The whole family enjoys a meal from skippers ...It's a winner !!!!

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by Geoff W.
(18 Oct 16 @ 4:53 pm)

I am a huge fan of Skippers. I do not like many fast food places as a lot of them serve junk but Skipper's food is always perfect. Their servings are big and great value for money. The service for the PMB branch in Commercial is always friendly.

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Skippers opened its first store in 1994 in Commercial Road Pietermaritzburg. This store is still in operation today and remains our flagship Skippers store.

Skipper’s outlets come in two designs, namely Take Away or Sit Down.

Skippers is part of the Mochachos Franchise Management Group which includes Mochachos, Café Bacini's, Bacini's Pizzeria, Bacini's Express and Max Frango's.


The Skippers franchise concept caters for the seafood lover specialising in Fish & Chips prepared the traditional British way, right down to the “newsprint” packaging, mushy peas & mash. The objective of the concept is not only to serve value for money line products, such as hake & chips, but also to make more exotic seafood available, such as prawns, calamari and seafood curries. As with any true skipper, quality and flavour are of utmost importance and in keeping with the Mochachos tradition, Skippers portions are larger than our competitors and are therefore greater value for money.